Michael Radlauer, Vice President

Michael Radlauer

Vice President

Information Technology



30+ years 


Systems architecture and development, business analysis, agile project management


Ithaca College

What do you do at Mizuho?
I am the project manager, business analyst, and senior systems architect and developer for our in-house system that processes wire transfers.


What surprised you about Mizuho?
For a foreign company, I’m surprised at Mizuho's dedication to community outreach and support of local charities.

What are Mizuho's culture and people like?
For the most part, the culture at Mizuho balances the Japanese sense of mutual loyalty and harmony between management and its workforce with the American entrepreneurial spirit. This is a necessity considering the ethnic diversity of our office.

What’s the first thing you read every day?
During the baseball season, anything I can get my hands on about the New York Mets. I'm pretty die-hard. 

What’s one thing you've learned while at Mizuho or in the industry?
The key to successful systems development is to form strategic partnerships between IT and business stakeholders.

What do you do for fun?
My wife and I were both music majors in college. In the nineties, we moved to Nashville to be songwriters. We’re frequent classical and jazz concertgoers and still try to find the time to play, sing and write.

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