Communication with shareholders and investors

At Mizuho, disclosing information to our shareholders and investors in a fair, timely, and appropriate manner is a top priority. In line with the Disclosure Policy on our website, we actively promote dialogue with our shareholders and investors. We aim to provide many opportunities both in and outside Japan for shareholders and investors to learn more about our strategy, corporate governance, and other relevant topics directly from Mizuho’s management. Such opportunities include the General Meeting of Shareholders and a variety of informational sessions and IR briefings.

Through our efforts to communicate and foster an accurate understanding of our strategy, financial situation, and other matters, we aim to maintain the trust of market participants and receive a fair valuation.

Continued dialogue

Initiatives in fiscal 2018

General Meeting of Shareholders

We view the General Meeting of Shareholders as a valuable opportunity to engage with and receive direct feedback from our shareholders, and we are implementing a number of initiatives to enhance communication.

In particular we are working to enhance communications (providing the convocation notice earlier and enhancing its content, including more graphics in the explanation provided on the day of the event, posting materials and a Q&A summary on our website), making it easier for shareholders to exercise voting rights (introducing a system for voting via QR code), conducting a survey and posting the results, and other such initiatives.

We held the 17th regular General Meeting of Shareholders on June 21, 2019 at Tokyo International Forum and 1,931 people attended. We will work to enhance our corporate value based on the valuable feedback we received.


Institutional investors

We hold an online conference, IR briefing, and other informational sessions after announcing our financial results and these explanations are also available in multiple formats on our website, including video and transcripts.

IR Day, our briefing for investors about our business strategies in each division/in-house company, is a regular event we have been holding since 2012. In Japan, Mizuho was the first in the industry to hold this type of event. Based on requests from investors, since 2015 we have also added a presentation and a question & answer session by an outside director to this event. Please see our website for a summary of the presentation and the question & answer session. We also provide a range of other opportunities for sharing information and creating dialogue, including regularly hosting “IR Select” events which cover specific topics that are of interest to investors.

IR briefings

IR briefings

IR Day

IR Day

Individual investors

We have created a dedicated section on our website for individual investors which provides an easy to understand summary of Mizuho’s business and strategy.

Also, we have made a number of changes to enhance our website’s ease-of-use, such as adding a function that displays a share price chart, financial results, and press releases all together.

We were the first Japanese megabank to provide online IR briefings where investors can communicate directly with the CFO and have now offered these opportunities for four years starting from 2015. In fiscal 2018, around 2,000 individual investors in total viewed these sessions (including live and recorded viewings).

Website for individual investors

Website for individual investors

Online IR briefings

Online IR briefings

Constructive dialogue

5–Year Business Plan

When formulating the 5-Year Business Plan we announced in May 2019, the Board of Directors and management took into consideration the feedback gathered from investors through the General Meeting of Shareholders and various briefing sessions as well as individual meetings with investors.

Additionally, after announcing the 5-Year Business Plan we explained our thinking behind the plan through dialogue with investors and will take into consideration the feedback we received.

Enhancing disclosure

Enhancing information disclosed in our Securities Report

Starting from the March 2019 edition of our Securities Report, we have made a number of efforts to enhance disclosure, including making information regarding issues to be addressed in terms of business policy and the business environment more straightforward and comprehensive, and also specifying “top risks” in the section regarding business risk in order to highlight the risks that management considers to be the most significant.

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