Environmental considerations

It is essential for companies to ensure due consideration for the environment as they engage in their regular business activities, including addressing climate change, and encouraging recycling and the conservation of biodiversity. We leverage our expertise as a global financial services group to provide financial products, services, and consulting to support the environmental initiatives of our clients.

Stable energy supply and addressing climate change

For many years we have been actively involved in financing projects that generate renewable energy in Japan and around the world, as well as the support of environmental and energy–related policy. In recent years, we are addressing the diverse needs of clients in light of increasing interest in ESG topics by leveraging the capabilities of the entire group to provide new products and services such as green loans, green bonds, and consulting on climate change initiatives.

Financing support for renewable energy projects

Since the feed–in–tariff on renewable energy began in 2012, Mizuho Bank has contributed to the adoption and spread of renewable energy through its financing of numerous renewable energy projects.

In 2019, a solar power plant began operating in Minamisoma City–the result of a project finance deal arranged by Mizuho Bank. Construction of this solar power plant was completed by installing around 120 thousand solar panels on land publicly owned by Minamisoma City, an area struck by the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami, and has a capacity of 32.3 MW (the amount of energy needed to power approximately 10,000 homes).

In addition to contributing to the restoration of disaster–struck regions, we are also focusing on providing financing for offshore wind power, which is being hailed as a next–generation technology for renewable energy.

Green finance (Environment–related projects)

Green loan and sustainability loan initiatives

In August 2018, Mizuho Bank signed a green loan agreement with Japan Excellent, Inc. based on the Green Loan Principles. The funds from this loan will be utilized to refinance the funds borrowed to acquire a DBJ Green Building–certified real estate property. Also, in February 2019, we arranged financing for a sustainability loan for the Japan Railway Construction, Transport and Technology Agency, and through this arrangement we are able to support the agency's initiatives on the SDGs. By fulfilling our role as a financing institution, we will continue contributing to clients' initiatives aimed at environmental issues and the SDGs.

Green finance (Green Loans)

Supporting the issuance of sustainable bonds

In 2017, Mizuho Securities set up a sustainable finance desk, provided financing for the first model pilot project for green bond issuance promoted by Japan's Ministry of the Environment, and syndicated Mizuho Financial Group's first green bonds. Also, Mizuho Securities is strengthening its sustainable bond issuance framework as an ESG structuring agent, including concluding a partner contract with the Climate Bonds Initiative–an environmental certification organization–in 2018, forming the Sustainable Finance Office in April 2019, supporting structuring and branding of sustainable bonds, and conducting initiatives to gather information on ESG topics.

Underwriting of publicly offered sustainable bonds* in Japan


Green finance (Supporting the issuance of sustainable bonds)

Environmental consulting

At Mizuho we leverage our consulting capabilities to support the environmental initiatives of our clients. Mizuho Research & Technologies provides consulting and conducts research on the advancement of environmental management and countermeasures for climate change, and provides advisory services related to ESG risks. In addition to holding a forum in February 2019 covering the Recommendations of the Task Force on Climaterelated Financial Disclosures (TCFD), which was established by the Financial Stability Board, we provide companies aiming to fulfill the recommendations with scenario analysis of the potential risks and opportunities presented by future climate change, and subsequent consulting on strategy and disclosure of information.

Environment-related consulting and research


Research and Consulting Services

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