Dialogue FY2015

Stakeholder Dialogues in 2015: Regarding “Integration of Management and CSR Initiatives”

On September 14, 2015, Mizuho held a dialogue among knowledgeable persons on the theme of “integration of management and CSR initiatives.”

At this meeting, we asked the dialogue participants to evaluate our 2015 Integrated Report, which is Mizuho's first integrated report (issued in 2015), and to provide their opinions regarding what points we should consider in preparing our next medium–term business plan with a view to achieving a much–closer integration of management and CSR initiatives.

Based on these opinions, Mizuho will proceed to consider the integration of management and CSR initiatives and endeavor to prepare a better integrated report.


Knowledgeable Persons

Mr.Takashi Nawa
Professor, Hitotsubashi University Graduate School of International Corporate Strategy

Ms.Sachiko Kishimoto
Executive Director, Center for Public Resources Foundation

Mr.Yoichi Mori
Certified Public Accountant and Member of the Subcommittee on Technology of the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC)


Mr.Tomohiko Yamaguchi
Cre–en Inc.

Participants from Mizuho

PhotoKoji Fujiwara
Managing Executive Officer (Group Chief Strategy Officer (Group CSO))

PhotoTsutomu Yamaguchi
General Manager, Corporate Communications Division

PhotoKenji Tojo
Head of CSR Promotion Department, Corporate Communications Division

Principal Opinions Expressed

Mr. Takashi Nawa
  • The report needs a “story” that clarifies the social mission of financial institutions and then ties together this mission in society with its “power to generate earnings.”
  • A story that explains the relationship between financial and non–financial information is important, and I recommend that Mizuho take up the challenge of developing a key performance indicator (KPI) for a multifaceted approach to evaluating corporate value.
  • It will be necessary to discuss of what Mizuho is doing regarding the global trends toward the rising importance of digital technology, the fusing of different industries, sustainability, and other related topics.
Ms. Sachiko Kishimoto
  • The public mission of financial institutions going forward will be to think of the future and the creation of a sustainable society as they earn a profit. I would like Mizuho to clarify about what it means by “new frontier” of finance.
Mr. Yoichi Mori
  • It will be necessary to have an awareness of issues going out 10 years into the future and showing clearly how resources will be allocated to address these issues strategically in the short, medium, and long terms.
Social Contribution Initiatives
Ms. Sachiko Kishimoto
  • CSR issues are becoming more important, from the creation of the necessary frameworks to nurturing human resources. An effective means of nurturing human resources is to create opportunities for employees to experience contributing to society and the community firsthand by their skills and know–how.
  • Projects that make distinctive and outstanding contributions to society and, thereby, give a positive message to employees and a signal to consumers.
Mr. Yoichi Mori
  • It will be necessary to show clearly how Mizuho's organizational systems will respond to changes in social needs in the long term.
  • Explanations of action plans and organizational systems will be needed to be persuasive about the workability of your integrated strategy between “banking, trust banking and securities,” and making employees at the working level understand Mizuho's risk appetite framework.
  • Disclosure of information regarding the workability of your governance system is needed.

Progress on Opinions Received

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