Fiscal 2017 Group CSR Policy, Targets and Results

Fiscal 2017 Group CSR Initiative Policy

We promote CSR initiatives through the practice of executives and employees acting daily with a strong awareness of our social responsibilities and public mission and toward the goal of being "A Financial Services Consulting Group—The most trusted partner in solving problems and supporting the sustainable growth of customers and communities."

Moreover, looking to the year 2020 and beyond, we will take action to generate results in future years, working in collaboration with our diverse range of stakeholders.

  Eight Priority Initiatives
Core Business
  1. Promote initiatives that take into consideration structural changes in the economy and society (*Aging society with declining birthrate, depopulating society, globalization, technology innovation, and climate change, etc.)
    • Industrial development that takes into consideration global issues
      (Environment and energy, infrastructure, good health, food, etc.)
    • Revitalize regional economies
    • Support for business and asset succession, and innovative companies
    • Revitalizing the flows of financial assets in Japan
    • Create and innovate businesses using new technology
  2. Promote initiatives for responsible investment and financing
  1. Strengthen management foundations on a group and global basis
    • Form a strong culture
    • Sophisticate risk governance
    • Establish strong compliance management systems
    • Strengthen IT governance and development frameworks
    • Strengthen human rights initiatives
  2. Promote diverse talent management and strategic talent development
    • Promote diversity and inclusion
    • Proactively promote employee health and create a healthy work environment
  3. Promote initiatives for management of customer protection and financial crime prevention
  4. Promote initiatives for reducing environmental burden from our own business
Social Contributions
  1. Promote ongoing financial education initiatives
  2. Promote activities that take into consideration the needs of local regions and society


CSR Targets

Target in FY2016 (Core Business) Results in FY2017
Promotion of Environment and Energy Infrastructure Projects Based on Global Issues
  • Participate in 36 project finances in Japan and elsewhere in Asia related to environment and energy infrastructure
46 projects
Revitalize regional economies
  • Participate in 35 initiatives for regional vitalization
37 initiatives
Business Succession
  • Expand our consulting businesses +15% over the level in fiscal 2016
Support for Innovation Companies
  • Become No. 1 in IPO–related business, with banking, trust banking, securities and capital working as one
Share of IPOs lead managed:22% (+4% from the previous year)
Revitalizing the flows of financial assets in Japan
  • Increase the investment product balance for individual customers by JPY 1.3trillion year on year
JPY 1.6 trillion
  • Achieve a net increase in publicly offered investment trust funds managed by Group asset management companies of JPY850 billion
JPY 195.6 billion



Diversity & Inclusion

Scope Target Target Time Frame Results
(Mizuho Bank)

Share of foreign national staff managers

50% July 2019 44% July 2018

Share of female managers 10%

10% 9%
(Total of Mizuho Financial Group, Mizuho Bank, Mizuho Trust & Banking, and Mizuho Securities)

Share of female managers Department manager level
Section manager level or more
Sub–section manager level or more




July 2019




July 2018

Ratio of new female graduate hired for our managerial career track

30% FY2019 36% FY2018

Ratio of paid vacation

70% FY2018 73% FY2017

Ratio of male employees childcare leaves

100% 79%

Real employment ratio of persons with disabilities

2.3% June 2019 2.2% June 2018


Environmental Burden Reduction

Item Target Results in FY2017
CO2 CO2 emissions basic unit* (CO2 emissions / total floor area)
*   Stemming from electricity usage in the domestic facilities of the Mizuho Financial Group and core group companies
  • Long–term target: Reduce by 19.0% as of FY2030 compared to FY2009
  • Medium–term target: Reduce by 10.5% as of FY2020 compared to FY2009
  • Green purchasing ratio target for paper of 85% or more at 10 group companies
  • Paper recycling ratio target of 95% or more in FY2020 at major domestic offices


Social Contributions

Financial Education

Target Participants FY2016-2017
Total financial education participants of 20,000 or more from FY2016 to FY2018 28,006


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