Medium– to Long–term CSR Policy (up to Fiscal 2018)

Mizuho set the initiative policy taking into consideration changes in the external environment and other factors as they relate to CSR. Based on this policy, we implement CSR initiatives uniformly across the Mizuho Financial Group.

Medium– and Long–Term CSR Initiative Policy

Medium– and Long–Term CSR Initiative Policy Page Reference
Strengthen efforts to promote businesses that contribute to the sustainable development of society
(core business)
  • In addition to harnessing our broad financial service functions and supporting the real economy from the medium– and long–term perspective, we will strengthen efforts to promote business that contributes to the sustainable development of society in response to the renewed expectations of stakeholders.


Business activities


Reinforce the group's foundations that underpin activities in line with society's expectations
  • Working to promote communications with the broader society and extending beyond simple statutory and regulatory compliance, we will reinforce the group's foundations in a bid to engage in activities across the entire organization that take into consideration society's expectations.




Promote social contribution activities that take into consideration the needs of local regions and society
(social contributions)
  • Based on the needs of local regions and society, we will engage in activities that take full advantage of our management resources and promote initiatives that contribute to regional and social development.

Financial and Economic Education

Social Contributions


FY2016–2018 Group CSR Initiative Policy

We have formulated the FY2016–18 CSR Initiative Policy based on the medium– and long–term CSR initiative policy, changes in the external environment, and Mizuho strategies in order to serve as our policy for CSR initiatives during the period of the Medium–term Business Plan.

We promote CSR initiatives through the practice of executives and employees acting daily with a strong awareness of our social responsibilities and public mission and toward the goal of being "A Financial Services Consulting Group —The most trusted partner in solving problems and supporting the sustainable growth of customers and communities."

Eight Priority Initiatives and Related "Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)"

Core Business

  1. Promote initiatives that take into consideration structural changes* in the economy and society (*Aging society with declining birthrate, depopulating society, globalization, technology innovation, and climate change etc.)
    • Industrial development that take into consideration global issues
      (Environment and energy, infrastructure, good health, food etc. )
    • Revitalize regional economies
    • Support for business and asset succession, and innovative companies
    • Revitalizing the flows of financial assets in Japan
    • Create and innovate businesses using new technology

No Poverty     Zero Hunger     Icon3     Affordable and Clean Energy     Decent Work and Economic Growth     Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure     Climate Action     Partnership For The Goals

  1. Promote initiatives for responsible investment and financing

Quality Education     Gender Equality     clean water and sanitation     Decent Work and Economic Growth     Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure     Sustainable Cities and Communities     respond consumption and production     Climate Action     life below water     Life on Land     Partnership For The Goals



  1. Strengthen management foundations on a group and global basis
    • Form a strong culture
    • Sophisticate risk governance
    • Establish strong compliance management systems
    • Strengthen IT governance and development frameworks

Decent Work and Economic Growth     peace, justice and strong institution

  1. Promote diverse talent management and strategic human resource development

Good Health and well being     Quality Education     Gender Equality     Decent Work and Economic Growth     Reduced Inequalities

  1. Promote initiatives for management of customer protection and financial crime prevention

peace, justice and strong institution

  1. Promote initiatives for reducing environmental burden from our own business

responsible consumption and production     Climate Action

Social Contributions

  1. Promote ongoing financial education initiatives

Quality Education

  1. Promote activities that take into consideration the needs of local regions and society

No PovertyZero HungerGood Health and well beingQuality EducationReduced InequalitiesSustainable Cities and CommunitiesClimate ActionLife on Landpeace, justice and strong institutionPartnership For The Goals                                             

Process to formulate FY2016–2018 Group CSR Initiative Policy


Step1. Analysis of external environment

1)   Analyze external environment surrounding CSR and sustainability

2)   Specify social issues and sustainability issues in the financial industry

(Main Elements Considered)

  • UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Paris Agreement
  • World Economic Forum "Global Risks Report 2016"
  • Japanese Government strategy and policy
  • Initiatives related to disclosure of non–financial information, investor and corporate trends, etc.
  • International standards and guidelines (ISO 26000, GRI Guidelines (G4), SASB guidelines by sector, etc.)

Step2. Confirmation of stakeholder concerns, assessments and expectations with respect to Mizuho

(Main Elements Considered)

  • Customers: Satisfaction survey results, etc.
  • Investors: Dialogue content, ESG survey results, etc.
  • Employees: Employee awareness survey results, etc.
  • Society: Content of dialogue with experts and NGOs, etc.

Step3. Organization of issues in CSR promotion at Mizuho

Organize issues in CSR promotion at Mizuho from the three perspectives of promotion systems, initiative content and communication by reviewing current initiatives based on the external environment analysis and stakeholder concerns, assessments and expectations.

Step4. Formulation of policies based on Mizuho strategies

Hold discussions with business divisions and other related departments, formulate the FY2016–18 Group CSR Initiative Policy, based on the above three issues, the Medium–term Business Plan, and medium– and long–term CSR initiative policy and other Mizuho strategies, and finalize the policies after deliberations at Mizuho Financial Group (holding company)'s CSR Committee* and Executive Management Committee.

*   CSR Committee was abolished in April 2018. Important matters concerning CSR are deliberated and reported at Executive Management Committee.

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