Beware of Imposters/Fraudsters/Online Malicious Apps & Websites Impersonating Mizuho Brand

It has come to Mizuho Bank's notice that there are malicious websites and apps in the name of "MZH Investments Group Pvt. Ltd." which are operating from different URLs such as "mzhinvest.co.in", "mzhinvestgroup.com", "mzhgroup.net", "mzhgroup.org", etc., promoting investment schemes promising high returns. These sites are not associated with Mizuho Financial Group or any of its affiliates, including Mizuho Bank. Neither Mizuho nor any of its affiliates owns or has any association or affiliation with MZH Investment Group Pvt. Ltd. in India or elsewhere. Mizuho has not authorized any such wealth management solutions platform in India (of this type or similar in any way), nor have we authorized "mzhinvest.co.in", "mzhinvestgroup.com", "mzhgroup.net", "mzhgroup.org" to make references to Mizuho Financial Group, Mizuho Bank, or any Mizuho branch in India or anywhere else in the world in any way.

Please remain alert and do not respond or take any action in relation to this scam. If you think you or someone you know has been scammed, then lodge a report of misconduct with Cyber Crime and report the matter to the police. As a precautionary measure in the public interest, Mizuho Bank -India has already lodged a police complaint in Mumbai regarding this matter.

Fictitious Offers of Money from Abroad

Beware of messages making fictitious offers, lottery winnings, or remittance of cheap funds from abroad by foreign entities. If you have become a victim of the above, please immediately lodge a complaint with your local police or cyber crime authorities.


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