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Global Trade Operations

The Global Trade operations team provides a comprehensive Tarde Finance service to several international branches of Mizuho Bank. GTO team is specialized in trade document examination under Letters of Credit and proficiency extends to diverse area such as Bill Booking under Letters of Credit and Collections, Standby Letters of Credit Issuance, Export advising and Anti Money Laundering (AML) screening. Also, serving as mid office for certain overseas branches to coordinate with direct customer on trade related queries. Currently, team provide services to several Mizuho branches including Ho Chi Minh, Singapore, New York, Hong Kong, Seoul, Dubai and India.

Global Digital Transformation

The Global Digital Transformation team offers a diverse range of cutting-edge digital solutions utilizing the latest technologies, like automations, Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning, and OCR. These innovations are geared towards enhancing process efficiencies, controlling costs, and enabling seamless straight through processing. With a portfolio boasting over 200 automated solutions developed across multiple offshore offices, the team also delivers business process management support using a workflow system. Presently, they are actively deploying these solutions across branches in London, Seoul, Mexico, Singapore, Sydney, Hong Kong, Yangon, and India. 

Global Credit Administration 

Presently, Global Credit Administration delivers comprehensive end-to-end credit rating review services to its clients. Additionally, GCA is capable of supporting various other credit-risk related functions, including drafting credit applications and notes, managing covenant monitoring, and overseeing pre- and post-sanction credit monitoring activities. The team has also launched operational efficiency initiatives, implementing automation in rating processes specifically for its operations in India, with plans to extend similar RPA to other regions. Currently, GCA is serving clients in India, Sydney and Hong Kong.

Global Loan Operations

The Global Loan Operations team manages the processing of Syndication and Bilateral Loan Administration. Their operations encompass handling drawdown-rollover requests, repayments and pre-payments, interest collection, FX reconciliation, among other tasks. Presently, their client base includes India, New York, London and Singapore.

Global Remittance Operations

Global Remittance Operations majorly offers prime services in Remittance operations along with supporting other banking functions as well. At present, the team manages remittances (both overseas and domestic), interbank and money market transactions, bilateral loans, customer forex transactions, in-house transfers, and more. Considering the criticality of the operations, this process involves prompt co-ordination while processing and supporting reconciliation of operational outcomes with reporting of transaction status in a proactive and timely manner. The services are presently extended to the Yangon region.

Global Securities Support

The offerings from Global Securities Support encompass Collateral management operations for non-centrally cleared over-the-counter derivatives. This involves executing portfolio reconciliation, managing disputes, handling reporting, and ensuring governance. Additionally, the team provides business, and IT support services specifically tailored for collateral management. Presently, these services are exclusively provided to Mizuho Securities (Japan).

Global System Implementation 

Global system Implementation is the strategic unit of Mizuho global service for driving transformative change in Mizuho bank. GSI mission is to establish Operational Excellence as the competitive advantage of the Mizuho Financial Group via streamlining processes & systems and creating cost-effective error free operational environment. Primarily focused in serving Asia pacific region across the domains of Business analysis, project management, and system implementation support etc.
GSI team's dedicated professionals work collaboratively to ensure a seamless experience throughout the project life cycle.

Information Technology Desk Extension 

The IT Desk Extension team has expertise in developing & maintaining BFSI applications using latest software technologies and methodologies. The team was instrumental in developing projects such as MEMS (Auto Dispatch of documents to customers, Static customer repository, SWIFT Notifications etc.) which has resulted in reducing manual intervention by doing automation and has also improved customer experience. Additionally, the Global IT Security & Governance team provides services on Cyber security project implementation, Security posture & risk assessments, Security monitoring, Performing Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) etc. Under IT Governance, the team can support IT teams of Mizuho branches to adhere to HOP guidelines, regulatory compliance and its implementation, Quality assessments as well performing periodic self-checks.



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