Finance Leaders Forum: A Conversation with Nicholas Goodman, President and CFO of Brookfield Corporation

October 13, 2023

Access to capital and relationships with financing partners rises to the forefront during market dislocation. In a fireside chat on the Evolving Role of the CFO, Nicholas Goodman, President and Chief Financial Officer of Brookfield Corporation sat down with Michal Katz, Head of Investment & Corporate Banking at Mizuho Americas to discuss the role of the private credit market, access to capital and the deal-making landscape.

Emphasizing the value of building relationships with private creditors, Nick outlined the opportunities created by private credit within the current climate and its relevance as banks return to market.

Listen to Nick’s insights and learn more about how Brookfield approaches the private credit market.

Nick discussed access to capital, why it’s essential to their success and how a partnership driven model has delivered long term strategic benefits for the group.

Learn Nick’s approach to financing strategy and discover how Brookfield approaches the role of the CFO within its group. 

Nick also gave his outlook and expectations on the state of the M&A investment market, highlighting what he believes will likely be the key drivers and inhibitors towards successful growth going forward.

Hear Nick’s perspective and learn more about his outlook for M&A.


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