Institutional Custody Services

With 30+ years of established marketplace experience and best practices, we’re a leading provider of securities custody, offshore fund administration and securities lending services to our institutional clients.

With timely, innovative fund administration and custody solutions, we help our clients enhance their ROI through securities lending and effectively service their global investment portfolios. We take pride and care in the way we meet the diverse needs of our institutional investors. Amidst rapid globalization and changing marketplace demands, we’re constantly enhancing our services. We provide the solutions our clients need to succeed in today’s dynamic, global environment. 


Our experienced, bilingual staff is here to help you, in whatever way you need—English or Japanese—however you prefer to do business.

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End-to-end compliance and risk management

Compliance is a bank-wide commitment that affects our employees at every level. As US laws and regulations are constantly evolving and becoming more complex—such as the role of financial institutions in combating terrorism financing—we look to our team of dedicated legal and compliance staff to assess our operations and navigate the US legal system. At the core of our compliance effort is a customized bank-wide program that includes mandatory, periodic compliance training of all staff.

We also have a robust Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) approach that ensures a culture of excellence, including:

Structure, tools and techniques for sound risk identification and control strategy, and effective risk-support infrastructure

Policies and procedures for comprehensive corporate governance and a proactive, integrated approach to address operational and financial risks

Formal assessment and reporting of risks across the organization

Top-down and bottom-up approaches for mitigating risk

Central risk oversight for the company’s internal control framework, which is predicated on effective risk direction and guidance, e.g., policy making, monitoring techniques and reporting mechanisms

Custody Services are provided by Mizuho Bank (USA). Mizuho Bank (USA) is a New York State-chartered bank and a member of the Federal Reserve System and of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

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