Risk Solutions

Our Derivative Risk Solutions Americas Group offers customized derivatives products that enable companies to hedge interest-rate and foreign-exchange risk.

A leading provider of event-driven hedging solutions tied to M&A and project finance deals, our group has broad expertise crafting hedging strategies for major corporations, infrastructure companies and financial sponsors.

Risk-reducing strategies for companies, sponsors and project developers

We work closely with clients to engineer hedging programs that match their needs. Our specialists help clients identify their risk exposure, quantify it, and formulate cost-effective derivatives solutions to mitigate it. As market dynamics change and their needs evolve, we guide clients in updating their strategies.


  • Recipient of Markets Choice Awards – Best in Derivatives (Markets Choice Awards, 2022)
  • Provide deal-related hedging advice to financial sponsors, corporations, and project finance clients across rates and FX
  • Among the most active banks in corporate derivatives across sectors
  • Market leading deal contingent and fund level hedging provider for financial sponsors
  • Served as a lead hedging solutions provider for a large scale renewable energy project

Product Expertise

  • Interest-rate hedging
  • Foreign-exchange hedging
  • Deal contingent hedging
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