Cash Management

Our efficient and cost-effective tools are designed with clients in mind. 

We offer a range of cash collection, disbursements and investments services to help clients optimize cash flow, reduce borrowing costs and improve internal audit controls and operational efficiency.

Custom cash management tools and services

Mizuho Global e-Banking/e-Banking Plus

  • Multi-country, multi-language and multi-bank capabilities
  • Transfer funds using wire or ACH origination
  • Access to account information and statements 24 hours a day



  • Domestic and International Wire 
  • Commercial Card Issuance - Complete Physical Card and Virtual Card solutions to optimize management of T&E, Purchasing and Accounts Payable processes and maximize cash flow
  • ACH credit origination—Increase efficiency and security with fully automated and secure payment services, including payroll, corporate debits/credits and tax payments through the electronic payment network
  • Account Reconciliation—Manage your check issuances and improve cash reconciliation of accounts payable
  • Fraud Protection
    • Positive Pay—Detect altered or fraudulent check items by having details of issued checks compared against your records, reducing risk of loss from stolen checks and checks with altered amounts or payees
    • ACH Positive Pay/Block—Control over unexpected withdrawal of ACH transaction 



  • ACH Debit Origination—Similar to ACH credit origination, increase efficiency and security with corporate debits via electronic payment network
  • Remote Deposit—Deposit checks remotely by scanning/sending images, shortening the float, enabling quicker access to funds and eliminating the risk of lost checks
  • Lockbox—Get faster cash collections with strategically located lockbox sites across our large partnerships of local banks

Liquidity Management

  • Cash Concentration—Minimize idle balances and maximize investment returns by setting balances at a target amount or at zero at the end of each business day. Manage multiple accounts and/or concentrate funds in a single master account
  • Domestic/Cross-border Cash Pooling—Improve your balance sheet through efficient use of internally generated funds by pooling excess funds from subsidiary accounts into the parent account. Use this common treasury technique on your accounts around the world
  • Multi-bank Cash Concentration—Improve your cash management beyond Mizuho’s account with automated funds collection and disbursement


Connect with Mizuho

  • Host to Host connection—Enhance daily operations with fully automated file transfer protocol, handling large volume of transactions and reports efficiently and effectively
  • SWIFT for Corporate—Supporting operations of Shared Service Center, Global Treasury, etc, with a highly sophisticated global standard communication tool

Cash Management Services are provided by Mizuho Bank (USA), Member FDIC, a New York State-chartered bank that is a member of the Federal Reserve System; and Mizuho Bank, Ltd., a Japanese banking organization with branches in New York, New York; Chicago, Illinois; and Los Angeles, California.  Mizuho Bank, Ltd. is not a member of the FDIC, and deposits in the US branches of Mizuho Bank, Ltd. are not insured by the FDIC. The U.S. branches of Mizuho Bank, Ltd. do not accept deposits from the general public.



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