We’re all global citizens, and that’s why we’re compelled to make an impact through more than just drawing up deals.

We’re committed to the Americas in every way—helping to ensure businesses grow, economies thrive and that communities are cared for. Here are some of the ways we give of our talent, time and funding.

Developing community

Under the federal and state Community Reinvestment Act (CRA), our US commercial bank, Mizuho Bank (USA), has received an “Outstanding” CRA rating for meeting the needs of our community, particularly in low- and moderate-income neighborhoods through community development loans, investments, grants and services.



Taking the time

Our ongoing volunteer programs respond to local needs in the Americas and help employees make a difference through skills-based and hands-on activities like reading with youth, job skills and financial literacy training, renovating community facilities, food distribution and donation drives.


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Mizuho Volunteer Day projects since 2006


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