Adam Hopkins

Managing Director and Deputy General Counsel

Capital Markets


Years in industry: 14 years 
Area of focus: Capital markets, securities, corporate finance, and derivatives law
School: Case Western Reserve Law School

What do you do at Mizuho?
I manage a team of attorneys and support staff advising the Capital Markets team on a broad spectrum of sales and trading, research, banking and regulatory issues. Our team collaborates with all parts of the business to develop goals based on a rapidly changing domestic and international regulatory environment.  

What’s the first thing you read every day?
I typically read the Wall Street journal on my way into work and then catch up on the latest developments in news and regulation when I arrive by reading industry sites, such as

How is Mizuho different from other places you've worked?
Mizuho genuinely cares about its employees. This is not only reflected in the benefits and development programs but in the respect that each employee receives every day regardless of their position. You get the sense that integrity matters.    

How have you grown since joining Mizuho?
Collaboration is critical to working at Mizuho. As such, working across products and disciplines is a skill that I have been able to improve on at Mizuho and one which I continue to work on every day.

What’s a particularly proud moment you’ve had here?
In 2015, Mizuho executed a significant asset purchase from another bank. My team and I added value through due diligence and negotiation of transaction documents. We were all excited to see the successful execution of the transaction and the recognition our team received for the hard work. 

What’s one thing you've learned while at Mizuho or in the industry?
I've learned that different backgrounds bring different and unique perspectives, which are critical to serving our clients. At Mizuho, the more I listen, the more I learn.  

What else interests you, outside financial services?
I'm a history buff and although my favorite topic is ancient Rome, I'm open to learning about any aspect of history.

What’s something you’ve learned from another culture?
The more I travel, the more I realize there are great commonalities among people everywhere in the world. Despite all of the cultural, religious, geographic and other differences, people generally want the same things. They want to be safe and productive. They care about their neighbors and family. They want to succeed and they want to see their children succeed. Realizing this, I can understand that we're not very different after all.    

What do you do for fun?
My wife and I have two small boys. They're a handful, but every moment spent with them is time well spent.  

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