J. J. Konstant

Managing Director

Futures Execution Services


Years in the industry: 10 years

Area of focus: Futures & Sales, Trade Support

School: St. Ambrose University

What do you do at Mizuho?
I manage the futures and options sales desk, which operates around the clock, six days a week.

What surprised you about Mizuho?
We continue to grow while the industry around us shrinks.

What are Mizuho's culture and people like?
We have a strong sense of camaraderie and selfless people working toward a culture of professionalism and growth.

How is Mizuho different from other places you've worked?
For the first time in my military and professional career, I can honestly say that most of my peers trust their leadership. This is rarely true with employees at other FCMs.

How have you grown since joining Mizuho?
My military background allows me to perceive and attack problems from different angles. It has also helped me instill a culture of discipline in a unit that can't afford to make many mistakes.

What’s a particularly proud moment you’ve had here?
At the end of each fiscal year since I took over the desk, we’ve demonstrated solid growth. That takes a total team effort to achieve. Reading that final report is my proudest moment each year.

What’s one thing you've learned while at Mizuho or in the industry?
If you present your boss with solutions rather than problems, your life will be easier.

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