Gregg Moskowitz, Managing Director, Senior Enterprise Software Analyst

Gregg Moskowitz

Managing Director, Senior Enterprise Software Analyst

Equity Research



22 years




BBA from University of Michigan, MBA from NYU Stern School of Business

What do you do at Mizuho?

I produce research reports for investors to help them evaluate the growth prospects of software companies I cover for the Equity Research department. 

How is Mizuho different from other places where you've worked?

In my view, the culture at Mizuho is unique – very welcoming, and with a great deal of camaraderie and a shared desire to make positive contributions to our clients and our firm. I truly enjoy working with my colleagues.

What do you do for fun? 

I enjoy basketball, reading novels, cooking a wide variety of cuisines, listening to music, and occasionally playing remarkably poor rock and roll on my guitar.

What’s a particularly proud moment you’ve had here? 

Establishing, with the help of my colleagues, the Mizuho Cybersecurity Summit. There are a lot of these types of summits competing for investor and company attention, and so the barrier to entry is high. Our event features many of the most prominent public and private cybersecurity vendors along with a group of expert panelists. It has been very gratifying to see our Summit resonating with high quality corporates and investors.  

What's the first thing you read every day?

The New York Times. While only a small slice of its content is technology-focused, I find that this helps us apply a broader perspective to our research. 

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