Michael Corino, Managing Director

Michael Corino

Managing Director

Information Technology



28 years


Fixed Income Technology


SUNY Stony Brook

What do you do at Mizuho?

I manage the team responsible for the IT needs of the Fixed Income cash and derivatives businesses.  We align IT systems and processes in support of the operation and growth of Fixed Income Trading and Sales.

How is Mizuho different from other places where you've worked?

Mizuho genuinely cares about its people, as reflected in the energy and enthusiasm employees bring with them every day. I’ve consistently seen true team work foster success and growth throughout my tenure.  

What's one thing you've learned while at Mizuho or in the industry? 

Change is constant and innovation is at the heart of change.

What do you do for fun? 

I enjoy music and play guitar, drums, and keyboards.

What surprised you about Mizuho?

There is a strong challenger mindset here and a focus on disrupting the status quo. As a smaller firm in the US, we can’t always be the bigger contender, but we can be the better one. As such we have been able to develop our services and expertise so we can compete as peers with Tier One firms and in many cases, we’re winning.  

How would you describe Mizuho's culture and people?

It’s a can-do culture with people who bring an energy and professionalism that supports growth, values diverse life experiences, and encourages change in the support of clients and colleagues. The firm is in growth mode and has a great entrepreneurial culture where teamwork is driving success.

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