John Hsu, EVP of Corporate Development and Treasurer at AMC Networks, tells us about innovation in media and entertainment, including its influence on consumption and investment

October 6, 2022

As part of the Mizuho Americas’ Digital Horizons Leaders podcast series, Bernadette Murphy, Managing Director and Media Banker interviews John Hsu, Executive Vice President of Corporate Development and Treasurer at AMC Networks. They talk about recent changes in the entertainment industry brought by the mass adoption of technology and its impact across the industry.

The media and entertainment industry has been revolutionized by digital transformation. Through the mass adoption of technology, we have witnessed a shift away from linear TV and cable networks to online streaming platforms, and this has changed the way we consume content. Consumers are used to having what they want, when they want it and how they want it. And as a content provider, Hsu believes that it’s their responsibility to address those needs. 

Investment in start-ups 

When it comes to investment in media and entertainment, Hsu feels drawn to start-ups. To him, start-ups are ‘venture friendly’. With so many entrepreneurs solving problems you wouldn’t know exist and an incomparable ability to disrupt, start-ups bring critical value to investors. Without investing in and acquiring start-ups, according to Hsu, AMC would not be where they are today.  

To hear more from John Hsu about investing in media and entertainment and the impact of digital transformation in the sector, listen to his interview with Bernadette here. 

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