Bhushan Ivaturi, SVP and CIO at Enbridge, discusses the technological trends in energy that are crucial to the sector now, and in the future

September 30, 2022

Mizuho Americas’ Digital Horizons Leaders podcast series explores digital transformation across sectors. In this episode, Brad Crilly, Managing Director and Head of Canadian Banking interviews Bhushan Ivaturi, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer at Enbridge, about current and future technology trends in the energy sector and opportunities for investment in renewable energy technologies. 

The application of technology and innovation in the energy sector is fundamental not only to the sector’s progression, but also to maximizing returns on invested capital. Across the energy sector, there has been ubiquitous adoption of digital technologies to improve workforce situational awareness, increase customer satisfaction and reduce the number of false accident alarms raised. The energy industry is also fervently focusing on lowering its carbon footprint. To drive this decarbonization, digital technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and augmented and virtual reality are being leveraged to predict outcomes and perform complex tasks that will reduce environmental impacts. 

Investment in research and development

Enbridge has always invested in technology in the energy sector. But now, to advance at scale, they are also investing in their own proprietary technological research and development. Ivaturi remarks that this combination of putting capital behind their own R&D, as well as research partnerships, is key to staying on the cutting edge. It brings a diverse set of perspectives that keep you on the pulse of innovation and digital advances across the sector.  

Listen to Bhushan Ivaturi’s interview with Brad to hear more about these technological advancements and investments in the energy sector. 

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