Linda Mantia, Board member of Ceridian and Director of MindBeacon Holdings shares her ideas about what the next technological trends will be in the healthcare and financial services sector

October 1, 2022

In this episode of Mizuho Americas’ Digital Horizons Leaders podcast series, we hear Michal Katz, Head of Corporate and Investment Banking interview Linda Mantia, experienced business and thought leader. We discover what she thinks about technology’s role to date in the healthcare and financial services sectors, and how tech is poised to transform these industries in the future. 

The mass adoption of technology in financial services occurred in line with expansion and innovation in ecommerce. This started with the emergence of companies like Amazon, who not only facilitated online buying, but prioritized online buying that was easy, secure, and safe. The progress we see today has been accelerated by mobile devices. In healthcare, thought leaders are beginning to see that innovation can drive the delivery of personalized and precise medicine faster than ever before, and that leveraging technology could solve many of the systemic issues facing healthcare. 

The transformative power of data 

Big data is a key macro trend of our era. Better collection and understanding of data will improve healthcare technology, drive the personalization of medicine, detection and treatment, and improve public health. Leveraging data in financial services offers immense possibilities, too. But as with healthcare, there is the challenge of security and trust. Patients and consumers need to be confident in how their data is being used and protected. Linda feels that her background as a lawyer helps her understand and uphold the importance of this. 

Listen to Linda Mantia’s interview with Michal to learn more about the impact of technological transformation in healthcare and financial services, and where these trends and innovations could go next. 

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