本人/本公司茲向 貴行申請使用 貴行提供之e-form電子化申請表單(以下簡稱"申請表單"),並保證 (1)不任意更動該申請表單內容及文字; (2)該申請表單内之條款,須一併列印提示,如有未提示時,本人/本公司聲明已完成審閱並完全瞭解其內容,且同意遵守之; (3)若本人/本公司更動該申請表單內容或文字而造成 貴行損失時願負一切責任; (4)使用Mizuho Global e-Banking系統傳送申請表單(註)檔案者,申請表單内無須再加蓋原留存印鑑。貴行得僅憑本人/本公司依事先向貴行註冊取得之認證經系統核准即視為本人/本公司有效指示, 貴行無須另向本人/本公司個別確認或採行任何其他措施。

I/We hereby apply for the use of electronic applications to the Bank.(1) I/We shall not alter the content and wording of the electronic applications; (2) attach the provisions with the electronic application. In case no attachment of provisions occurs, I/We warrant that I/We has reviewed, fully understood, and agrees to follow the provisions; (3) if the content or the wording of the electronic applications is altered, I/We is fully responsible and also agrees to indemnify the Bank against any losses arising therefrom. (4) when using Mizuho Global e-Banking to transmit the electronic applications(Note), the authorized seal/signature is not required. Instead, upon system approves the authority registered by I/We, the subject applications will be deemed as valid instructions and I/We and the Bank shall not be responsible for any separate confirmation with I/We or taking any measure.


僅限Mizuho Global e-Banking系統可使用之申請表單。

Limited to electronic applications applicable to Mizuho Global e-Banking.

本人/本公司充份了解並同意上述内容。 I/We hereby understand and agree the aforesaid content.

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