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Current Accounts, Time Deposits (TD)

Deposits with Paris Branch are eligible to the deposit guarantee system under the conditions set in French Monetary and Financial Code.

Loans, Guarantees and other financing

Syndications, Structured Finance, Acquisition Finance, Project Finance

Loans on Deeds, Loan on Notes, Overdraft

Customs Tariffs Guarantees, Lease Guarantees, Performance Bonds.

Payment services/Cash Management


Electronic banking solution.
Your computer securely exchanges data with the server of Mizuho Paris, using standard protocols and file formats defined by the French banking industry.
You send your transfer orders (domestic, SEPA, international and treasury), direct debits and commercial bills (bills of exchange). You can manage electronically your bills to pay. And you receive automatically your electronic statements of accounts in euros and foreign currencies, your dishonoured bills and the bills to be paid.
Your orders will be electronically signed (EBICS–TS).

Mizuho Global e–Banking

Electronic banking solution for global & domestic settlement.
This service responds to the needs of customers having overseas branches and wanting to enhance their cash management. This service is offered by almost 40 offices globally. Using the Internet, customers are able to make inquiries regarding their accounts, arrange for remittances, and conduct other transactions on a 24–hour basis throughout the world.

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Investment Services & Market Products

Short Term Commercial Paper (NEU CP) CP program presentation materials

Foreign Exchange SPOT and FORWARD

Interest Rate Swaps

Short Term Commercial Paper (NEU CP) issued by Paris Branch are eligible to the securities guarantee system under the conditions set in French Monetary and Financial Code.

Trade Finance

Letters of Credit (LC), Import Bills for Collection, Import Financing, Export LC Advising, LC Confirmation, Clean Bill Collection.


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