Overview of Services


Inquiry Services

Account Inquiries

  1. Access the latest information for accounts held with Mizuho branches:
    • The account balance on a specified date (displays multiple accounts)
    • The account balance history over a specified period of time (closing balances and available balances)
    • Detailed credit/debit information statements for a specified date or period of time
  2. Information on accounts held with other banks can also be viewed. (Note: This requires the other bank to provide data to Mizuho Bank.)

Transaction Inquiries

Global e–Banking can be used to access information relating to various transactions with Mizuho branches, such as balances, due dates, and conditions.

  • The following data can be accessed via Global e–Banking: Loan balances, guarantees, term deposits, forward foreign exchange contracts, letters of credit, and export/import bills.

Remittance Service

You may use Global e–Banking to make requests for transfers online.

Other Services

Bulletin Board Service

Notices from Mizuho Bank branches are available to the Global e–Banking users.

Message Service

Global e–Banking users may also take advantage of the exclusive message service, which allows them to exchange messages and data with Mizuho in a secure environment within the Global e–Banking system.

For further information regarding the Mizuho Global e–Banking services and related fees, please contact your local Mizuho office.


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