Foreign Exchange

Our global presence in the foreign exchange market allows us to provide local currency expertise to help our clients manage currency risk exposure. Strategic consultation, superior transaction execution and sophisticated research are combined to make us a full–service market maker and active liquidity provider to our corporate clients. Covering over 50 currencies, we provide hedging solutions focusing on liability risk management, including spot & forwards (futures) as well as derivative products such as non–deliverable swap (NDS).

Our teams operate around the clock with offices in New York, London, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore and Shanghai.

Terms of Dealing for Foreign Exchange

Global eFX Service

An online FX trading platform, our global eFX service, is available for faster execution and real–time risk control. We offer fast, competitive and consistent pricing in spot, forwards and cross–currency swaps.

Electronic FX Disclosure

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capture Mizuho Global eFX Service


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