Responding to Feedback from Our Customers

Initiatives to improve customer service and explanations

Image: Customer feedback The clerk never smiled and just dealt with me like he was reading out of a manual. The explanation was so one-side and unclear that I didn’t even understand what questions to ask.
Image: Our initiatives We carry out education and training in order to improve customer service
Our goal is to make our customers feel truly appreciated whenever they visit our store lobbies or counters. For this reason, we strive to improve customer service at all out stores through a number of initiatives. For example, we hold periodic study sessions at each store as well as group training sessions featuring guest instructors, while our own trainers also visit branches to offer personal instruction.
Image: Customer feedback I would like to know how my opinions about the branch have been taken on board
Our initiatives We have begun displaying "Customer Feedback Boards" in our branches.
We have installed "Customer Feedback Boards" in branch lobbies* as places for our branches to respond to customer comments.
  • *With the exception of some branches
Image: Customer feedback I want the bank to offer me the products and services I want, based on an understanding of financial and asset-related conditions.
Our initiatives We have improved training for our "Personal Customer Managers."
Our bank aims to be "the first place our customers turn to for consultation." To this end, we try to build long–term relationships of trust with our customers by offering consultations and advice on asset management and so on. These duties are handled by our Financial Consultants (FC). In order to develop and support our FCs, we have prepared educational programs to improve the skills and knowledge of each and every one of our FCs.
Image: Customer feedback I want Mizuho to offer timely proposals for dealing with the business issues and needs facing our company.
Our initiatives We have strengthened education and training for our "Corporate Client Managers."
We strive to provide our corporate clients with "account managers you can be truly satisfied with." To this end, we conduct training and OJT for our corporate client managers. Our aim is to develop staff members who can offer timely and accurate advice in response to the multifaceted business issues and needs of our customers.
We have also instituted a system of third–party checks looking into customer service and explanations at branch lobbies and counters, for example, or into how telephone calls from customers are handled. The results of these checks are then used to identify areas that need improvement as we strive to provide better customer service.
Image: Customer feedback I want customer service to be available in English.
Our initiatives We are working to improve the English conversations skills of Mizuho staff,
via programs such as English conversation seminars held at branches and group training sessions, so that customers who do not speak Japanese can complete procedures with ease.
Image: Customer feedback With expanding globalization, I want to be able to obtain the latest information from around the world.
Our initiatives We are enhancing customer support through provision of information gathered from around the globe.
We are strenghening our information–provision capabilities and creating a support system that better responds to customer demands, including the bimonthly publication "Mizuho Overseas News" and the "Mizuho Global InfoStation" website (both Japanese–language only).
Click [here] for the "Mizuho Overseas News" (Japanese–language only)
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