Implementation of the Customer First CS Policy


Under the slogan "One Mizuho: Building the future with you," we aim to be an industry-leading financial services provider offering our customers the best possible services. We also aim to continue being an invaluable partner positively contributing to each customer and the economies and the societies in which we operate. 

What does customer satisfaction (CS) mean at Mizuho Bank?

At Mizuho, we strive to maintain and enhance our medium– to long–term business relationships with our customers by instilling in them a strong sense of satisfaction and trust in our bank. To this end, we ensure that all our employees are constantly aware of the key customer first philosophy when they carry out their duties in the service sector. We also work to ensure this philosophy is reflected in the words and deeds of our employees.

This is also why we never forget the importance of listening to a wide–range of customer opinions. By taking the feedback of each of our customers very seriously and striving to respond appropriately, we aim to meet all of our customers’ needs. 

Mechanisms for listening to customer feedback

At Mizuho Bank, we offer several easy methods for customers to provide feedback remotely, including a toll-free phone number and a feedback form on our website, in order to solicit a wide–range of opinions and requests. We use this feedback to improve our products and services.
Discussions and considerations on how to respond to customer feedback are held at branch and Head Office meetings, depending on the nature of the feedback.

Responding to customer feedback

Here are some examples of initiatives introduced in response to opinions and requests received from our customers.

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