Industry Reports

Analysis of industry from an overall perspective, focusing on changes in industrial structure, trends, business models, while making forecasts and proposals to the industry and reports that look into the latest topics of the industry.

Published Year Main Title Vol. Subtitle
2024 Mizuho Industry Focus 244
2024 Mizuho Industry Research 75
2023 Mizuho Industry Research 73

Medium-term Outlook for Japanese Industry

2023 Mizuho Short Industry Focus 219

Innovative Technology Series: The Potential of Turquoise Hydrogen

2023 Mizuho Industry Focus 242

Innovative Technology Series: The Path for the Development of CCS in Japan

2023 Mizuho Industry Focus 240

Strategies for Japanese Auto Parts Suppliers to Expand Business in Mexico

2023 Mizuho Short Industry Focus 215

Trends in High-End Photoresists –Strategic Direction for Japan to Remain Strong

2023 Mizuho Industry Focus 237

How Japan Can Win the Global Competition for Hydrogen

2022 Mizuho Industry Research 72

Medium-term Outlook for Japanese Industry

2022 Mizuho Industry Research 71

Considering Japan's Transition Strategy Toward Carbon Neutral

2022 Mizuho Industry Research 70
2021 Mizuho Industry Research 68

Medium-term Outlook for Japanese Industry

2021 Mizuho Industry Research 67

The Impact of Carbon Neutrality

2021 Mizuho Short Industry Focus 185

Key Issues for Energy Companies amid the Energy Transition: A Financial Perspective

2017 Mizuho Industry Focus 203

An Updated Look at Regenerative Medicine

2016 Mizuho Industry Focus 183

A Survey of U.S. Healthcare IT Industry Landscape

2015 Mizuho Industry Focus 175

U.S. Medical Device and Diagnostics Industry Updates

2014 Mizuho Industry Focus 163

Updates and Implications of Obamacare

2014 Mizuho Industry Focus 155

Restructuring the Pharmaceutical Industry

2014 Mizuho Industry Focus 147

Life Sciences and Biotechnology Industry Clusters in Europe – Series 2 –
– Recent Trends and Partnership Strategies for Growth and Expansion –

2013 Mizuho Industry Focus 141

A Survey of Current Landscape in Regenerative Medicine
–Fast Evolving Field Albeit Accompanied by High Risk–

2013 Mizuho Industry Focus 140

U.S. Pharmaceutical/Biotech Industry Update

2013 Mizuho Industry Focus 129

SE Asian E–Commerce Market: An Urban Centric Overview

2013 Mizuho Industry Focus 122

Life Sciences and Biotechnology Industry Clusters in Europe
–Building Bridges between Science and Industry–

2010 Mizuho Industry

Introduction and Expansion of Infrastructure Sharing among Japan’s Mobile Network Operators
–Will infrastructure sharing be the key to cost cuts in a saturated market?–

2008 Mizuho Industry Research 28

India–based globalization in the IT services industry

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