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Becoming an organization that takes on challenges and leads the way

As President & CEO of Mizuho Bank, I would like to express my deep appreciation for your continued support of Mizuho.

While maintaining stable business operations, we are proactively returning from a defensive to an offensive stance in our overall business strategy. We are determined to practice this stance throughout our business in fiscal 2023.

Accomplishing this will require drawing upon one of our differentiating features, our overwhelmingly large customer base in Japan, and restoring it as a strength by raising the quality of our customer touchpoints. Each of our divisions is moving forward initiatives in line with the particular characteristics of its business area.

Underlying all of these initiatives is our fundamental approach of focusing on the customer. As the core bank of the Mizuho group, we will be a hub for intragroup collaboration, connecting Mizuho’s strengths—namely, our group–wide business areas and global network—to respond to the evolving and diversifying needs of our customers.

Stable business operations are essential to implementing our strategy. In addition to stably operating our IT systems, we are also relentlessly striving to eliminate waste and streamline operations at each of our locations.

“Be a catalyst for change”. These words encapsulate the new Values we have set. All of us will work closely with our customers, stand at the forefront of our era’s changes, and lead our customers and Mizuho to change. We will steadily entrust employees with greater responsibilities towards fulfilling this role. Together, we will become a Mizuho where everyone can proactively develop ideas and bring about change.

We appreciate your continued support and will make every effort to not only meet, but exceed, your expectations.

August 2023

File:Autograph–Masahiko Kato

Masahiko Kato
President & CEO
Mizuho Bank, Ltd.

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