Cash Management

We offer a suite of solutions to help you manage your cash flow. We take away the complexities that come with managing multiple accounts to provide straightforward and comprehensive solutions to help our corporate and institutional clients take control of their cash management needs.

Visibility and Control

Our global online channels provide you constant visibility of your cash positions in various locations and help you get access and control over your funds globally.

Mizuho Global e–Banking

Mizuho European Open Banking

Payments & Collections

Our solutions are designed to improve your financial operational efficiency in effecting your electronic and paper payments with a history of professional execution with accuracy.


Electronic disbursements

Our electronic payments will allow you to make more efficient payments and reduce your manual effort and associated cost.

Mizuho SWIFT Connectivity Services for Corporates

Mizuho Global Host–to–Host Service

Demand Draft

A pre–paid negotiable instrument, using which Mizuho Bank takes responsibility to pay an individual or company.

Cheque Outsourcing

By outsourcing issuance of your cheques and cashier's orders to us, you can save precious time and cost as we take away your burden of managing, processing and reconciling the cheque books.


Virtual Accounts

Our virtual accounts solution help you perform reconciliation of your account receivables with greater ease, as we automatically identify your payers from the incoming payments and provide you the information.

Direct Debit

Our direct debit solutions will help you debit from your client's account in Mizuho or another bank on a periodic basis and credit the right amount into your account, without the need for payment instructions, thereby making it hassle–free for you and your payers.

Cash Collection

We'll pick up your cash and cheques at your offices to help you reduce cash handling risk, time and cost.

Cheque Deposit

This is our service that allows you to simply deposit cash and cheques at any of our branches during our business hours.

Operational Efficiency

We offer a range of customized solutions to help clients streamline operations, reduce cost and optimize cash flows.

SAP/Oracle Add–on

Export payment files with our interface arrangement solution in Global e–Banking remittance format directly from SAP/Oracle.

File Converter

Convert accounting system payables or receivables easily to or from Global e–Banking. Payment files can be uploaded as CSV and approved within the same site.

Direct Interface

Our technical support team can help clients customize their accounting system so payment files are generated in Mizuho's format.

E–mail notification

Our electronic banking platform, Mizuho Global e–Banking (MGeB), will automatically send e–mail notifications once funds are credited or debited to your account.

Business Process Outsourcing

Based on the contract, our Business Process Outsourcing team will work on your behalf.

Liquidity Management

Our liquidity management program can be used as a shared internal control tool for integrated cash management.

Mizuho Global Finance Manager Web

Actual Pooling

Multi–Bank Cash Concentration Service

Interest Optimization

Our interest optimization program allows you to enjoy enhanced interest rates for different tiers of your account balances with us across locations.


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