Mizuho Global Finance Manager Web


Our comprehensive finance management solution, Mizuho Global Finance Manager Web (MGFM Web), provides you with tools to manage cash pooling, term loans and cash forecasting with a "single sign–on" to the system from Mizuho Global e–Banking. This program is quite suitable for a company (head office [HO] or regional headquarters [RHQ]) controlling cross–border financing facilities of its overseas branches, subsidiaries and affiliates.

1. Cash Pooling Management

MGFM Web extracts debit/credit information of the bank accounts that occurs as a result of cash pooling and creates a report, which helps you effectively manage inter–company loan balances and respective interest among your group companies.

2. Term Loan Management

Current status of various term loan facilities, outstanding amounts, and interest among your group companies can be instantly monitored, making cash management easier for you in approving new term loans.

3. Cash Flow Forecasting Management

The system allows each group company to input its financial forecast and their head office or regional headquarters to use the data to identify the group funding needs and take necessary actions. It can also be used to foresee possible financial issues by comparing actual and forecast figures.


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