Supply Chain Finance

Supply chain finance is an arrangement that optimizes cash flow for both importers and exporters by allowing payment terms to be extended while providing an early discount payment option as well.

We offer access to the online supply chain finance platform, where buyers/importers and suppliers/exporters can interact globally in real time.

Basic Process of Systemized Supply Chain Finance

Basic Process of Systemized Supply Chain Finance

Benefits of Mizuho’s SCF Platform

Buyer/Importer Benefits

  • Improve cash conversion cycle by extending payment terms
  • Enable payment to the supplier without bank loan
  • Provide leverage to negotiate favorable price and conditions with suppliers
  • Strengthens relationships with supplier by offering favorable financing options

Supplier/Exporter Benefits

  • Generate cash flow through early financing and shortening accounts receivables recovery time
  • Mitigate risk of delinquency and exchange rate fluctuations
  • Refine cash management prediction through the encashment of account receivables on an on–demand basis
  • Visualize and streamline the reconciliation of credit and invoice


  • The use of the above products or services is contingent upon the credit assessment in accordance with Mizuho Bank’s prescribed procedures. As part of this assessment, you may be required to submit certain documents.
  • Fees may be charged for using these products or services.
  • Please consult an attorney, accountant, or tax accountant regarding any legal matters, accounting issues, or taxation concerns.


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