Silent Payment Guarantee


Silent Payment Guarantee is a financial instrument for the seller/exporter to hedge non–payment risk and political risk without disclosing to the buyer/importer. It allows the seller to start or continue trading relationships while limiting exposure to a specific buyer or country.

Structure of a Typical Silent Payment Guarantee Arrangement

Structure of Silent Payment Guarantee

Benefits of Silent Payment Guarantee

Risk hedging

  • Mitigate non–payment risk after shipment
  • Control exposure to a certain buyer and country

Increasing competitiveness

  • Enable the seller to compete with other suppliers


  • The use of the above products or services is contingent upon the credit assessment in accordance with Mizuho Bank–s prescribed procedures. As part of this assessment, you may be required to submit certain documents.
  • Fees may be charged for using these products or services.
  • Please consult an attorney, accountant, or tax accountant regarding any legal matters, accounting issues, or taxation concerns.


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