Mechanisms for Listening to Customer Feedback

At Mizuho Bank, we have instituted a "Customer Feedback Card" system in order to solicit a wide–range of opinions from our customers. We use this feedback to improve our products and services. The Feedback Cards are distributed over the counter or are permanently available in special stands located in the lobbies of all our branches. This enables us to actively seek out the opinions of customers who visit our branches.

We also aim to make it as easy as possible for customers to provide feedback remotely, offering several methods for customers to contact us, including a toll–free phone number dedicated to handling complaints and opinions as well as a feedback form on our website. Additionally, we regularly conduct surveys and other customer experience research to gain insight into perceptions of our customer service, branches, products/services, and our public image. This information helps us to better meet customers’ needs and increase customer satisfaction.

Managerial–level discussions on how to respond to customer feedback are held every month at branch CS and Customer Protection Improvement Committee meetings and every quarter at Head Office CS Promotion Committee meetings. Any improvements are subsequently communicated to customers in a timely manner through the Customer Feedback Boards installed in each branch*.

*   With the exception of some branches

Image: Mechanisms for Listening to Customer Feedback

Responding to customer feedback (FY2018)

In FY2018 we received around 131,000 Customer Feedback Cards, of which around 84,000 included written comments in addition to rating the service. We also received around 7,000 comments via other routes including our dedicated toll–free number and our website feedback form.
For Mizuho Bank in total, around 14,000 comments were received which we categorized as expressions of dissatisfaction (complaints).
We continue to utilize the opinions, requests, and complaints we receive to inform our efforts to increase customer satisfaction and enhance the quality of our products and services.

Graph: Responding to customer feedback (FY2018)

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