Features of Global e–Banking


User–Friendly Interface

Global e–Banking allows for easy downloading of account data and easy uploading of remittance requests.

1. Downloading account data and other information

The system allows for downloading of account data, including transaction data.

2. Uploading remittance requests

The system allows for uploading of remittance request data and the approval and sending of such requests.

3. Data format

Downloaded and uploaded data are in the commonly–used CSV text file format (SWIFT–compatible). This will enable easy integration of Global e–Banking data with your company's systems and data.

Global Multi–Access

Multiple users can simultaneously access the system online from anywhere in the world. Operators can simultaneously input data, request account information, and perform other operations, while the approvers can confirm them and take necessary actions in real time regardless of their location.

Multilingual Platform

Labels on the screen can be displayed in Japanese, English, Chinese (either traditional or simplified characters), Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Spanish, Portuguese, Malay, French, Hindi or German. The operator and approver may use different languages at the same time.


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