New Mizuho Transaction Processing System – Explanation on Changes

Explanation Detail

Service Explanation Detail
  • Following are the changes:
    1. (1)Layout change on the breakdown of charges
    2. (2)Change on the Bank Ref/Remarks/Details found in the statement/advice
    3. (3)New report and existing report content/format change
    4. (4)Change on report notification timing
    5. Note: During the transitional period, you may receive statement/advice/report in old & new format.
  • Please note that there is no change in the way you submit the remittance application including GIRO/FAST, to us for processing.
Remittance ZIP(ZIP/2,215KB)
Foreign Exchange
  • Following are the changes:
    1. (1)Layout change on Foreign Exchange (FX)
    2. (2)Foreign Exchange Report
  • There is minor changes to the Trade report
Trade ZIP(ZIP/1,711KB)
Loan / Guarantee
  • There is no changes on the contents but on header and fonts for standardization purpose.
Money Market
  • Following are the changes:
    1. (1)Layout change on Money Market Confirmation (MM)
    2. (2)New Money Market Report
Certificate of Balance
  • Email/FAX is available for Certificate of Balance, Mark-to-Market and Outstanding Balance
  • For reports, we change header and fonts for standardization purpose
Certificate of balance ZIP(ZIP/397KB)
  • There are changes on MGeB Download data, Bank Report Service (MT940,MT950), Host–to–Host data.
eProduct ZIP(ZIP/587KB)
Others Common ZIP(ZIP/344KB)

Please download the file which is related to your transactions (Note: The files are password–protected. To retrieve the password, please refer to our letter which was sent to you on 31st July 2019 via electronic mail and /or postal mail).

If you have any questions, please send an email to ([email protected]) or contact your relationship manager. To view the 1st notification, please visit our Singapore Branch Website.

(As of July 31, 2019)


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