Mizuho Singapore 50th Anniversary

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Mizuho Bank celebrates 50 years in Singapore

Mizuho Bank proudly marks 50 years in Singapore, celebrating our strategic role in the Asia Pacific region. Our journey began with the establishment of Dai-Ichi Kangyo Bank, Fuji Bank, and the Industrial Bank of Japan, all of which have been integral to Singapore's growth since 1974.

We have grown alongside Singapore from its early days as a budding industrial nation to its current position as a sophisticated city-state. In 2002, we combined our individual strengths and rich heritages to form Mizuho Corporate Bank, fueling our continued expansion and success.

Today, Mizuho Bank Singapore serves over 2,000 Japanese and international clients with a dedicated team of over 1,000 employees. In April 2023, we established our APAC regional office in Singapore, strategically anchoring our operation across the APAC region. Leveraging our team's expertise, we provide a comprehensive suite of corporate and investment banking services offering unparalleled access and insights across Asia.

Looking ahead, our strategic direction focuses on deepening our presence in Southeast Asia, India, Australia and the Greater China region. Our profound sector knowledge and product expertise enable us to secure landmark transactions and deals, driving positive impact for our clients, and the communities we serve.

As we continue to innovate and lead in the financial sector, we are committed to fostering growth and prosperity across the region. We deeply appreciate your steadfast support and dedication over the years. Join us as we continue our journey to Innovate Today and Transform Tomorrow.

50 years of connecting with our community in Singapore

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Beyond our core businesses, Mizuho Bank Singapore has actively sought to connect deeply with the society. Committed to creating a positive impact in our community, we dedicate our efforts to supporting low-income families, children, education and climate-related causes. These initiatives reflect our unwavering commitment to making a positive impact by enriching lives and uplifting the communities where we operate.

Volunteering allows our staff to engage meaningfully and find a sense of purpose beyond their professional roles. To encourage more to do their part, our employees receives two days of paid volunteering leave annually. 


Our Milestones: Making big strides over 50 years 

From its initial entry to becoming a major player in the region's financial landscape, Mizuho Bank Singapore’s evolution has culminated in its 50th-anniversary celebration. 

1974-1978: Predecessor banks DKB, Fuji Bank and IBJ registered as offshore banks in Singapore. This marks the beginning of Mizuho Bank's presence here.

1985: Inception of Mizuho Securities in Singapore.

2002: Fuji Bank, DKB and IBJ merge to establish Mizuho Corporate Bank, Limited, with Fuji Bank as the surviving entity, albeit having undergone a name change. The merger represents a pivotal moment in the formation of Mizuho Bank as we know it today.

2008: Mizuho Corporate Bank obtains a full banking license in Singapore. This is a crucial step in expanding the firm’s operations and services in Singapore.

2013: Mizuho merges its retail and corporate banking units, combining operations under Mizuho Bank, Ltd. This consolidation streamlines operations and strengthens its presence in Singapore.

2023: Singapore is established as Mizuho's Asia-Pacific regional headquarters in April. This milestone highlights Singapore's importance as a strategic hub for Mizuho Bank.

2024: July marks the 50th anniversary of Mizuho Bank's presence in Singapore, celebrating half a century of growth and partnership with the country.

Message of appreciation from our Management Team

2024 marks the 50th anniversary of Mizuho Bank Singapore Branch. We have arrived at this important milestone because of our clients’ strong support and the enormous contribution of our colleague past and present. We would like to express our deepest appreciation to everyone. 

To our clients, thank you for your trust and commitment. We are grateful for the opportunity to serve you. Together, we will strive and forge forward, delivering comprehensive solutions and services for the future. 

Our people remains at the heart of what we do and we thank our colleagues for their years of dedication, loyalty and unwavering spirit of excellence. 

We could not have gotten here without the collaboration of all our stakeholders and partners, and we look forward to many more years of partnership and progress.

As Mizuho Bank Singapore Branch continues to Innovate Today and Transform Tomorrow, we wish you health, prosperity as we drive towards the future together! 

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Koichi Zaiki
Managing Executive Officer and CEO for APAC
Mizuho Bank, Ltd.

Josephine Lok
GM and Singapore CEO
Mizuho Bank Singapore

Yasuhiro Kubota
Managing Executive Officer and co-CEO for APAC
Mizuho Bank, Ltd.

From our clients and partners

"CapitaLand Development is thrilled to congratulate Mizuho Bank Singapore on your 50th anniversary! This remarkable milestone is a testament to the bank's commitment to excellence, innovation and professionalism. We are privileged to have partnered with Mizuho Bank Singapore in this journey and look forward to seeing your continued impact on the banking industry and the positive difference you make to the business of their clients." 

Jonathan Yap
CEO, CapitaLand Development

Jonathan Yap


"Heartfelt congratulations to Mizuho Bank Singapore Branch on its 50th anniversary! We are thankful to Mizuho Bank Singapore Branch for your strong support and close partnership with Vitol Asia over the years and we look forward to deepening the partnership further and foster closer collaboration in the years ahead. Sincerely wishing Mizuho Bank Singapore Branch many more years of strong success!" 

Jay Ng
CFO, Vitol Asia Pte Ltd

Jay Ng

"Congratulations Mizuho Bank Singapore for reaching an impressive 50th year anniversary! We, at Wilmar, appreciate the support that you have rendered throughout all these years. Happy birthday to you. "

Charles Loo Cheau Leong 
Deputy COO & CFO, Wilmar International

Charles Loo Cheau Leong

"Congratulations Mizuho Bank on your 50th anniversary! We look forward to our continued partnership and wish you the best success going forward."

Goh Chin Kiong
Chief Investment Officer, Real Estate GIC

Goh Chin Kiong


"Olam would like to congratulate Mizuho Bank on celebrating its 50th anniversary in Singapore. It is a remarkable achievement and we are proud to have been a partner of Mizuho on this incredible journey. I would also like to thank Mizuho for its commitment and support for our own transformation journey and we look forward to our continued collaboration and partnership."

N Muthukumar
Group CFO, Olam Group

Muthukumar image


"Mizuho, happy 50th anniversary! With a positive impact that you already make in the environment, I can’t wait to see what your 100th year anniversary will look like."

Mikkel Larsen
Executive Director, Climate Impact X

Larsen image


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