About Us

Why have we started this programme?

Mizuho Bank operates a programme called “M’s Salon” in Japan to support the business development of local startups by leveraging our corporate network throughout the country. One of the major ways M’s Salon supports startups is through business matching events, which are currently held semi-annually. The total number of startups which have participated in M’s Salon to date exceeds 3,000.

After the success of M’s Salon in Japan, Mizuho decided to expand the program’s scope to Hong Kong. Together with renowned partners, Mizuho has now established accelerator program called “Mizuho Crowd Brain powered by Eureka Nova” to contribute to the local startup ecosystem.

What sets us apart?

As a one of Japan’s largest financial institutions, our broad corporate network is a major differentiating point compared to other incubation programmes in Hong Kong. In addition, by bringing renowned partners in the region, we can offer integrated access to business partners in Hong Kong, China, and Japan.

What is Eureka Nova?

Eureka Nova is a startup incubator founded by the New World Group. New World has already successfully completed two cohorts in Hong Kong/Shenzhen. Mizuho is proud to partner with New World to leverage their knowledge and experience in order to enhance our new programme.

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