Macro & Market Research

Treasury research covers a range of publications from the staple such as the Daily and Week Ahead as well as Periodicals comprising the Quarterly (a country–by–country) macro overview of Emerging Asia economies and monthly Asia FX Strategy. In addition, the Ad–hoc research is more of a thematic or event–driven analysis. This is further differentiated as Mizuho Flash (succinct analysis), Mizuho Chart Speak (crisp analysis illustrated by Charts) and Mizuho Insights (more in–depth analysis).


Brief update of overnight markets accompanied by a crisp outlook on G3 and Asia markets

Brief update of overnight markets and outlook


Quick wrap and forward looking analysis of macro and FX around economic releases and event risks


Succinct update on regional macro and FX outlook on a country-by-country basis

Monthly update on shifting FX dynamics and outlook; this entails a one-page outlook for G3, AXJ, and a page each for the 10 Asian currencies covered (CNY, INR, KRW, SGD, MYR, IDR, THB, PHP, VND, AUD)

Ad-hoc Macro & Economic Research

In depth and thematic analysis of macro/economic/policy issues

Brief reaction pieces to data or events deliberate delivered in short, digestible points

Crisp analysis of interesting trends/topics driven by the idea that a picture speaks a thousand words


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