Warning about hoax emails, phishing scams, and acts of fraud

For all of the benefits that technology brings, unfortunately it also creates an increasing number of opportunities for criminals to undertake scams and fraudulent activities, in order to steal information or gain financially.

Fraudsters may pose as individuals from legitimate organisations, like Mizuho, and often use genuine names and other key credentials to give credence to their scam.

The methods used to contact scams and acts of fraud are varied; they include, but are not limited to: Fraudsters using spoof or cloned information to gain your trust, your information, and possibly your money. They may use a legitimate company's name and logo, or mix correct, authorised information with false details, to create convincing communications; An individual or individuals falsely claiming to be representatives of a company, like Mizuho, in order to conduct financial theft, be that by telephone or email. Unsuspecting individuals could be asked to purchase or invest in products, like bonds, that are not genuinely on offer; and Malicious emails, directing individuals to links or attached documents that could contain a virus, with the intention of damaging your device or leaving the data stored on it open to hacking and access by the criminals.

There are many actions you can take to protect yourself from falling victim to fraud and scams, and these websites provide useful advice: Take Five to Stop Fraud | Money Advice Service. These are UK websites, but much of their advice is useful wherever you may be based.

Please be aware that we do not provide retail investor services to individuals in the EMEA region; therefore, please be cautious if you receive a phone call or electronic communication related to the offering of any type of consumer based service.

Current alerts

It is always important to take steps to protect yourself when searching online to seek new recruitment opportunities, particularly if you are required to post your CV as part of the process. Unfortunately, online fraud and scams are ever growing in today's world, and we have been made aware of an ongoing scam where details of Mizuho vacancies are being re-posted by a third party, directing people away from our genuine application process. With this in mind, we remind you to be vigilant at all times and to protect your personal data. Before you upload your CV to an online recruitment site, take a moment to review and possibly remove some of the personal details included on your CV, and also look into the reputation and legitimacy of the site you are using.

Mizuho Bank, Ltd and Mizuho International plc utilise LinkedIn for selected roles, but our vacancies will always be posted alongside our logo on the platform. You can check details and directly apply for corporate banking vacancies via Mizuho Bank's dedicated careers portal. You may also reach out to the Human Resources team via HR Admin in Mizuho International to double check the legitimacy of any investment banking role and application process.

January 2021:
Recently, we have been made aware of an ongoing social engineering scam where an individual or individuals have been purporting to be representatives of Mizuho Bank, Ltd or Mizuho International plc, in order to scam unsuspecting consumers. Please be aware that we do not provide retail investor services in the EMEA region; therefore, please be cautious if you receive a phone call or electronic communication related to the offering of any type of consumer based service.

If you wish to report any suspicious communication, or clarify if something you have received is truly from Mizuho, please email us at: Mizuho External Communications. Alternatively, please make contact with us via our published switchboard telephone numbers, found on our Locations page.

Reporting scams and fraud: For further information, and to better protect yourself from acts of scam or fraud, please visit the UK's FCA’s Scam Smart website, or the equivalent for your country.

Major Mizuho websites - correct at January 2022

If you are directed to a Mizuho website from a third party website, we ask you to be cautious. Below is a list of our major websites across Mizuho.

Mizuho Group https://www.mizuhogroup.com/
Mizuho Americas https://www.mizuhogroup.com/americas
Mizuho Asia Pacific https://www.mizuhogroup.com/asia-pacific
Mizuho EMEA https://www.mizuhogroup.com/emea
Mizuho Japan https://www.mizuhogroup.com/japan
Mizuho Bank https://www.mizuhogroup.com/bank
Mizuho Trust & Banking https://www.mizuhogroup.com/trust-and-banking
Mizuho Securities https://www.mizuhogroup.com/securities
Mizuho Information & Research https://www.mizuhogroup.com/information-and-research

Mizuho EMEA email domains - updated February 2024

If you receive an unsolicited email from someone purporting to be from Mizuho, please be wary, especially if they are aiming to sell you a financial product. Below is a list of genuine email domains for our companies in the EMEA region.

@mizuhoemea.com | @eu.mizuho-sc.com | @mhbk.co.za | @mhbk-nl.at | @mhcb.ae | @mhcb.bh | @mhcb.co.uk | @mhcb.ru | @mhcbeurope.com | @Mizuho.lu | @mizuho-cb.be | @mizuho-cb.es | @mizuho-cb.nl | @mizuho-sa.com | @uk.mizuho-sc.com

If in doubt, before you engage in email correspondence with an individual purporting to be from Mizuho, please contact us to verify details: Mizuho enquiries or Mizuho External Communications.

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