Custody and Administration

Mizuho Trust & Banking is engaged in high-volume, complex custody and administration operations related to asset management, first for specified money trusts (tokkin funds) and pecuniary trusts other than money trusts as well as for investment trusts, securities trusts, and other types of trusts. These operations are a key part of Mizuho Trust & Banking. In parallel with these activities, Mizuho Trust & Banking is working to substantially further upgrade its specialized capabilities through active entry into new fields, including master trust services, with the objective of further strengthening its presence as an institution engaged in custody and administration.

Systems Strategy for Reforming Securities Settlements

The environment for custody and administration services is undergoing major evolution. Major investments in computer systems are needed in response to changes in the securities settlement system and accounting practices (such as the introduction of mark-to-market accounting and contractual accounting practices) and the need for greater efficiency in asset administration. Mizuho Trust & Banking is developing such systems embodying the latest technologies with the aim of implementing best practices in asset custody and administration. Mizuho Trust & Banking 's objectives are to offer services that respond to client needs and generate a high level of customer satisfaction at competitive prices.




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