CS Improvement Initiatives

Practice of the “Customer First” Principle

Mizuho Trust & Banking (MHTB), as a member of the Mizuho Financial Group, aims to become the most reliable trust and banking company by keeping the “customer first” principle in mind and putting the principle into practice. For this purpose, MHTB will promote a variety of improvement activities that aim to incorporate the customer's point of view.

Initiatives to Enhance Customer Evaluation

Response to Customer Feedback, Inquiries, and Complaints, etc.

Initiatives to enhance customer evaluation

We accept customer feedback, inquiries, and complaints, etc., with sincerity, recognizing such as the responsibility of the entire MHTB organization. We respond to customer feedback promptly and appropriately to resolve problems.
In FY2019, we received approx. 600 cases of feedback, inquiry, and complaints. MHTB positively accepts all of these as a management resource, investigates problems, leads efforts toward problem prevention initiatives and the provision of better products and services, and utilizes customer feedback to enhance customer evaluation.

Initiatives to enhance customer evaluation Customer Feedback Cards

MHTB has actively promoted its “Customer Feedback Cards” initiative since the second half of FY2005. We have employed customer feedback card collection boxes since FY2014 so that customers can provide feedback more easily (excluding at branch areas such as the Trust Lounge). In FY2019, we received approx. 15,000 cards.

Customer Feedback Cards Sample

Dedicated post

Dedicated box

We have partially introduced a three– or five–point–scale questionnaire in FY2014, in order to utilize more customer feedback for our business. In FY2019, over 90% of all customers selected “Satisfied,” or “Somewhat satisfied” for all questions.


We received many compliments and words of encouragement from customers, such as in the following. "Employees were kind and provided very good service with a smile." "Employees' explanations were detailed and easy to understand." "Employees listened to me and gave good advice." "Employees provided good follow–up support, and I feel that I can trust them with peace of mind." On the other hand, there was also some negative feedback and other inquiries, etc., such as in the following. "I would like MHTB to provide information and advice." "I would like MHTB to simplify procedures." While accepting such customer feedback with sincerity, we will make further efforts to improve our services.

Major categories of random comments made via the Customer Feedback Cards

Points of Contact for Customers

Points of contact for customers (via a toll–free call center [0120–065–930] and via the MHTB website) have been set so as to receive customer feedback. We collect informative feedback, inquiries, and complaints, etc., from customers.

Initiatives Based on Customer Feedback

Based on customer feedback, inquiries, and complaints, etc., as collected through the Customer Feedback Cards, the points of contact for customers (via the toll–free call center and the MHTB website), branch counters, and questionnaire surveys, etc., we took the following major initiatives in FY2019.

Customer feedback I would like to prepare for any possible onset of dementia in my later years so that I can pay living and medical expenses, etc., out of my own pocket. I would also like to minimize the burden on my family, who would in essence become my main caregivers should I begin to suffer from dementia, such that they will not have to experience trouble in money management and expense payment.
Our initiatives We began to offer our "Ninchisho Support Trust" service (i.e., a support trust account for those with dementia), which is a money trust embedded with a special contract designed to support asset management as preparation for any possible onset of dementia. By designating a procedure agent (i.e., a family member, etc.) in advance, customers can use our "automatic transfer service," in which living expenses (of a certain amount) are transferred from the customer's trust assets to his/her account every month, after being diagnosed with dementia, and our "payment check service," which allows the customer to pay for medical expenses, nursing care expenses, and taxes, etc. For details, please refer to the information on the Ninchisho Support Trust as found on the MHTB website.
(Ninchisho Support Trust: https://www.mizuho-tb.co.jp/souzoku/ninchisho_support.html)
Customer feedback It is an inconvenience to have to visit a branch simply for passbook update every time.
Our initiatives

Customers can now update their MHTB passbooks via a Mizuho Bank ATM.

Passbooks that can be updated at a Mizuho Bank ATM are multipurpose account passbooks, ordinary deposit passbooks, and time deposit passbooks. With the migration to a new system on July 16, 2019, customers that have an old MHTB passbook need to undertake the procedure to get a new passbook. For this procedure, please visit a MHTB teller counter or call the toll–free number (0120–666–171).

Customer feedback Regarding the asset management status of corporate pension systems, we would like MHTB to provide easy–to–understand materials that allow for making simple explanations to employees.
Our initiatives We have made some improvements, such as by adding a "Summary Report," which summarizes the points to be conveyed to customers concerning the status of the management of over 40 pension funds, in consideration of visual explicitness and a sense of unity among funds.


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