Implementation of the Customer First CS Policy

Under the slogan “One Mizuho: Building the future with you,” we aim to be an industry-leading financial services provider offering our customers the best possible services. We also aim to continue being an invaluable partner positively contributing to each customer and the economies and the societies in which we operate.

What does customer satisfaction (CS) mean at Mizuho Trust & Banking?

At Mizuho Trust & Banking, we strive to maintain and enhance our medium- to long-term business relationships with our customers by providing customer satisfaction. To this end, we ensure that all our employees are constantly aware of the key customer first philosophy when they carry out their duties in the service sector. We also work to become the “trust bank that is most trusted by customers.”

This is also why we never forget the importance of listening to a wide range of customer opinions, taking the feedback of each of our customers very seriously and striving to respond appropriately.

Mechanisms for listening to customer feedback

At Mizuho Trust & Banking, we offer several easy methods for customers to provide feedback remotely, including a toll-free phone number, feedback via our website, and Customer Feedback Cards, all in order to solicit a wide range of opinions and requests. We use this feedback to improve our products and services. In addition, we conduct questionnaires and other surveys so as to comprehend customer needs and satisfaction through customers’ evaluation of our employees, branches, products, and services, etc.

Discussions and considerations on how to respond to customer feedback are held at branch and Head Office meetings, depending on the nature of the feedback.

Responding to Customer Feedback

Based on customer feedback, inquiries, and complaints, etc., as collected through the Customer Feedback Cards, the points of contact for customers (via the toll-free call center and the MHTB website), branch counters, and questionnaire surveys, etc., we took the following major initiatives.

Customer feedback Is there any method for smoothly conveying my contract information and digital information, which only I know, such as my membership number, to my family so that they will not be burdened should anything happen to me?
Our initiatives Mizuho Trust & Banking offers a private data trust “Letter to the Future” that allows customers to entrust us with property information and other private information only they know through an online interface, to be provided to designated beneficiaries at the time of inheritance. (A part of such information is provided before inheritance occurs.) For details, please visit “Letter to the Future” on the MHTB website.
(Here is the link to private data trust “Letter to the Future” -> “Letter to the Future
Customer feedback Is there any way to easily receive shareholder benefits?
Our initiatives In addition to “smart execution” and the “virtual shareholder meeting,” we began to offer the “Smart Shareholder Benefits” shareholder benefit application service via smartphone. Shareholders can easily apply for shareholder benefits via their PCs or smartphones and can immediately receive shareholder benefits (if the benefit is a digital gift).
Customer feedback My father, who has concluded a Dementia Support Trust contract, was diagnosed with dementia, and I (as the procedural agent) paid his medical expenses for him. I made a claim for reimbursement for said medical expenses to the trust bank, and funds were deposited into my father’s account when the procedure was completed. However, I could not withdraw the funds because I did not have an agent cash card issued. I want you to directly deposit funds into my account.
Our initiatives Previously, the account for receiving dementia support trust funds was limited to the “contract holder’s account,” in order to strictly manage funds. Considering customer feedback, however, we have made a revision so that the contract holder can designate an “agent’s account” in addition to the “contract holder’s account.”
Customer feedback I would like to prepare for any possible onset of dementia in my later years so that I can pay living and medical expenses, etc., out of my own pocket. I would also like to minimize the burden on my family, who would in essence become my main caregivers should I begin to suffer from dementia, such that they will not have to experience trouble in money management and expense payment.
Our initiatives We began to offer our “Dementia Support Trust” service (i.e., a support trust account for those with dementia), which is a money trust embedded with a special contract designed to support asset management as preparation for any possible onset of dementia. By designating a procedure agent (i.e., a family member, etc.) in advance, customers can use our “automatic transfer service,” in which living expenses (of a certain amount) are transferred from the customer's trust assets to his/her account every month, after being diagnosed with dementia, and our “payment check service,” which allows the customer to pay for medical expenses, nursing care expenses, and taxes, etc. For details, please refer to the information on the Dementia Support Trust as found on the MHTB website.
(Here is the link to “Dementia Support Trust” -> “Dementia Support Trust”)
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