A Message from the President & CEO of Mizuho Trust & Banking

Photo: Kenichi Sasada President & CEO Mizuho Trust & Banking Co., Ltd.

Joining minds and creating a prosperous future

At Mizuho Trust & Banking, we are combining our sophisticated trust functions with the functions of other companies across the Mizuho group to provide our clients with wide-ranging value, drive sustainable growth, and create a prosperous future.

The trust system has continued to develop as an important part of the social and economic infrastructure in Japan, where total trust assets have surpassed JPY 1,500 trillion.

We have responded to the increasingly diverse needs of our customers resulting from societal issues and changes in the business environment. For example, sales of our personalized trust product that provides customers with attractive financial functions and lifestyle support services, have reached a cumulative 4,400, and sales from consulting services for investor and shareholder relations related issues have doubled in the past year with developments and trends like the Tokyo Stock Exchange market reorganization and more enhanced corporate governance.

In light of these circumstances, we are undertaking the following three initiatives.

Extend the competitive advantages of our expertise: We will not only respond to our clients' needs but also leverage our advanced expertise and foresight to identify future issues for our clients and society and then propose solutions in a compelling narrative format.

Deepen coordination: By fully utilizing the client base and resources of the Mizuho group, we will further both horizontal coordination, providing group functions in concert, and vertical coordination, expanding business continuously. This will allow us to create a diverse added-value chain and offer it to a larger number of clients.

Enhance our corporate foundations: We will continue with our initiatives to transform our corporate culture and improve our expertise, with the aim of becoming a development-centered workplace where employees feel supported and respected and are always striving to reach a higher standard.

2022 marked 100 years since the introduction of Japan's trust laws. Looking towards the next 100 years, we will apply our innovative ideas to provide unique value only we can offer and to serve as a reliable, collaborative partner, exercising a high level of expertise and creativity to benefit all of our stakeholders.

File:Autograph–Kenichi Sasada

April 2024
Kenichi Sasada
President & CEO (Appointed on April 1 ,2024)
Mizuho Trust & Banking Co., Ltd.

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