Pension Trust Business

Pension–related Business

Mizuho offers services and product needed for corporate pension schemes, which range from corporate pension plan design and the management of pension policyholders and recipients to asset management and custody.
Furthermore, to respond to the ever more diverse and sophisticated management needs of its customers, it integrates its functions across the group to offer services such as investment solutions and review of pension schemes.

Defined Contribution Pension Schemes

As sweeping reviews of corporate pension schemes move forward, there is growing interest in introducing and managing defined contribution pension schemes among companies of all sizes. Mizuho has the top-class performance record in Japan in terms of defined contribution pension plans entrusted to it for asset management and administration. In addition, it provides support for the introduction of defined contribution pension schemes as well as asset management services and trust products.

Asset Management Business

Mizuho offers services catering to its customers' needs by drawing on its comprehensive capabilities of the group through analyses and assessments of customers' total portfolios. Taking account of the initiatives on asset management of its customers who are considering such factors as changes in regulatory and other systems, the conversion to international accounting standards, and major fluctuations in the market environment and financial aspects, it gives advice pertaining to basic asset allocation and combinations of investment strategies. These services are offered not only to pension funds but also to customers among financial and educational institutions.
Furthermore, it offers funds with various investment strategies to a wide range of customers, from public institutions that handle pension management to corporate pension funds. It also offers products using various new investment targets and methods, including hedge funds, privately laced real estate investment funds, concentrated investment funds and package products that flexibly allocate assets based on analysis and forecasts of the macroeconomic and capital market environments. In addition, it makes the funds offered by external investment institutions in Japan and overseas available to customers, but makes sure they are subjected to thoroughgoing due diligence and rigorous monitoring.

Stock Benefit Schemes

Companies are getting more interested in "The Stock Benefit Trust", a new welfare service or incentive plan that uses shares issued by them.
Mizuho provides different type of ESOP, "J-ESOP", which is a compensation plan for employees, and "BBT", which is a compensation plan for senior executives, in order to meet the diverse needs of its customers.

(As of February 29, 2024)


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