“I feel inspired and empowered as a woman in the tech industry.”

June 20, 2024

Mizuho prides itself on investing in people. As Mizuho EMEA continues to grow, it is also ensuring the communities and societies in which we operate also grow. Mizuho EMEA has recently partnered up with Synechron to unite, discover, nurture, and empower a diverse cohort of emerging professionals, with a focus on female talent in India.

As a global centre of excellence, Mizuho EMEA is supporting Mizuho Financial Group’s strategic IT hub and development services centre in India.

“As these centres continue to grow, so does the need to build and expand the technology teams that provide IT delivery services to Mizuho offices globally, allowing Mizuho to deliver at pace and align to client needs faster,” explains Jeff Mitchell, Head of Core Technology & Innovation.

Mitchell, who spearheaded the initiative in partnership with Synechron, and as part of Mizuho’s global commitment to promoting the employment and advancement of diverse talent added, “at Mizuho we pride ourselves on investing in people.” He continues, “we share many of Synechron’s values in regard to fostering and developing talent, so when we found out about their female SEED programme, we felt inspired to help support this initiative.”

A bespoke 16-week academy program was developed that focussed on upskilling female STEM talent in India, followed by a 24-month growth plan which offers hands-on projects experience – taking participants from campus to corporate.

“Once onboarded, Mizuho provides enhanced support to get graduates up to speed with technologies and working in a corporate enterprise environment,” says Mitchell. “The graduates are buddied up with a senior London based SME and are placed on both regional and global projects. It’s a great experience for any graduate,” he adds.

“We’re proud to be able to help and support Synechron in developing female talent that we hope will continue to engage in the Mizuho initiative and have long careers within the Mizuho Financial Group,” he summarises.

We spoke to four women who recently graduated to find out their experiences from the program.

Sakshi Sutar

"My training as a SEED graduate has been enriching and prepared me for real-world projects. We worked on troubleshooting common challenges and had trainings that went beyond technical expertise, such as corporate etiquette. After the program, I'm feeling inspired and empowered as a woman in the tech industry."


Preeti Kapse

"I underwent full-stack web development training, which significantly contributed to my professional growth and understanding of industry best practices. Working on a project for Mizuho was an amazing opportunity, and even though I encountered some technical hurdles, overcoming these obstacles allowed me to gain valuable technical expertise and boost my confidence."


Leena Mali

"My journey with Synechron as a SEED graduate not only honed my technical skills but also empowered me as a woman in my career. This dedication paid off when I was selected to work on the prestigious Mizuho account, an opportunity that has allowed me to gain new skills and industrial experience. The environment has been very supportive and I'm excited to continue developing my career with Synechron."


Aarti Jadhav

"My experience as a SEED graduate has been transformative, equipping me with essential skills for the tech industry. The program, rich in practical experience, has prepared me for real-world applications. Importantly, it has also emphasized the importance of women in tech, empowering us to break barriers."


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