Mizuki Aosaki


Corporate Finance
Mizuho Bank Europe, Vienna

Europe, Middle East, and Africa

Years in the industry: 10 years

Areas of focus: Corporate Finance for Japanese and Asian clients within the Eastern European region

Can you tell us a little bit about your background and career journey?

After my studies in UK and France, I returned to Japan to start my career in corporate finance. I always wished to work in an international environment and so moved back to Europe and joined Mizuho when the Vienna branch was opened.

What attracted you to Mizuho?

Exciting challenges, in particular setting up a new branch in Vienna to cover the Eastern European region as well as very friendly and professional Mizuho colleagues from many different backgrounds.

Describe your job in three words.

Travel, consult, process

As a returner to the workplace following parental leave, how are you maintaining a good work-life balance?

Although I was quite nervous coming back to work, I soon realised how much I enjoy working again. Being able to follow my career, while having a small child is quite a challenge, but thanks to support from Mizuho and my partner, I am a happy working mom.

What have been the biggest challenges for your area of the business over the past year, and what solutions are helping to address them?

We cover the Central Eastern European region from the Vienna branch and visiting clients in such a wide geographical area has always been a challenge. The current work from home environment due to COVID-19 has enabled us to have online meetings, which is not the best solution, but certainly very helpful to keep in close contact with our clients.

What’s your advice for others interested in starting a career in your business area?

In addition to a good understanding of financial products, focusing on developing your softer skills and communication skills are crucial.

Whom would you most like to swap places with for the day?

I would swap place with my sister in Japan, who lives five minutes away from my parents. It is exciting to live abroad, but sometimes I miss living in Japan and the food.

What technology can’t you live without?

I often travel in very rural areas to visit industrial zones and I cannot live without Google maps. It not only helps me to get to my clients on time, it also helps me to find places to eat – even in the most rural areas.

How do you enjoy spending your time outside of work?

I enjoy and treasure spending time with my family, especially as I watch how quickly my daughter grows in front of my eyes.

Tell us something we don’t know about you.

I am not a fast runner, but proud to say that I completed a full marathon three times in the past.


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