Mizuho European Open Banking

Mizuho European Open Banking allows access to accounts held at Mizuho via a Third Party Provider

Solution Overview

Our Open Banking offering will allow our customers to access their accounts via their chosen Third Party Providers (TPP) e.g. check their Account Balances and Transactions through Account Information Service Providers (AISP), make payments through Payment Initiation Service Providers (PISP) and a Card Based Payments Instrument Issuer (CBPII) can check a customer's account balance.

The Mizuho Open Banking APIs are aligned with the UK Open Banking standards (currently 3.1) and Payment Services Directive 2 (2015/2366): Regulatory Technical Standard (2018/389) from the European Banking Authority. We will revise our offering as and when changes to either standard impact our offering.

Please note that you will need to contact either your Relationship Manager or the email address below in order to obtain credentials so that you can access your accounts held at Mizuho via a TPP.

What is Open Banking?

The traditional view of the account data was that it was owned by the bank where it was held. Open Banking, as dictated by the Payment Services Directive 2 (2015/2366): Regulatory Technical Standard (2018/389) from the European Banking Authority, changes this view point and the way it is possible to access account data. The purpose of the regulation is to increase competition, which will in turn encourage innovation.

What this means is that Corporate customers can choose how to access their accounts, either via the bank's propriety on-line banking channel or a solution provided by a Third Party Provider (TPP). It is now possible to have all of your business current accounts, held at different banks, loaded to one platform provided by a TPP to make payments and to receive account statements and transaction history.

This is a European wide regulation meaning that business current accounts held with Mizuho at any of our European Branches can be accessed via a TPP.

Mizuho Bank have signed up to the UK Open Banking standard in order to meet the regulation and will allow authorised access to any TPP approved by the required National Competent Authority (NCA).

Mizuho Open Banking Statistics

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