Mizuho Bank at TXF Asia 2018

November 18, 2018

Proud to have participated at the 2018 TXF Asia Conference

For Mizuho's Asian and European exporting clients, the TXF Asia conference, which took place in November 2018, is a key business event. Mizuho's track record in financing, particularly power projects in Indonesia in which we secured finance from a range of sources across Japan, Korea and Europe, meant we were thrilled to be among the sponsors and an active participant at this busy, insightful and entertaining conference.

TXF Asia covers all aspects of the ECA, Agency and Project Finance business and attracts attendees across major corporates, export credit agencies, borrowers, banks, lawyers and insurers throughout Asia and beyond.

Themes this year looked at a number of key issues including financing requirements in countries as diverse as Indonesia, India and Hong Kong, while there was a great deal of interest in the prospects for collaboration and business with the Belt & Road Initiative. Export Credit Agencies were well represented, as expected, and a presentation including executives from nine ECAs was well attended and received. Other topics included the Bangladeshi market, liquidity for Asian projects, solar power, Asian investment in Africa, renewable power and LNG.

"The conference underlined the high level of ongoing activity in export, project and infrastructure finance in Asia. Certain countries are seeing particularly high levels of export financing such as Indonesia where the need for infrastructure projects is immense. The local banking market is actively engaged but isn't sufficiently liquid or deep, driving significant interest in external financing solutions, with almost all projects using a combination of ECA and/or multi-lateral financing solutions," comments Tim Lamey, Head of Export Finance EMEA at Mizuho in London.

On a lighter note, Mizuho's more competitive edge came out during the Deal or No Deal quiz, teaming up with ING against a team made up of representatives from Citi and Unicredit. The Mizuho/ING team were the clear winners, enthusiastically accepting gold medals by the TXF host.

For additional information, see key highlights from TXF News:


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