PEFC Simulation Software Package P-Stack® - Workflow

Semi-Automated Workflow

The typical simulation procedure using P-Stack is shown in the flowchart below. 3D CAD data of an actual cell and MEA characteristics measured in a mini-cell are required as input data.


Mesh generation from 3D CAD data and the determination of fluid parameters using CFD are automatically performed. These features drastically reduce the required manpower to setup simulations. Combined with the low computational costs of P-Stack, the total work period can be much shorter than that of general CFD-based approach.

User-Friendly GUI

The GUI of P-Stack is designed such that it can be intuitively used without requiring operation manuals. By sequentially clicking buttons on the ribbon tab, a user can proceed with the workflow steps. The message panel displays directions and warning/error messages to guide users.


Parallel computations on Linux® servers can be easily executed by clicking a few buttons without fiddly command-line operations. Copy and paste from Microsoft® Excel® to the GUI are supported. Table data such as time-series data measured by experiments can be easily provided as an input.


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