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Example 2: Effect of Load Fluctuation on Full-Scale Cell

Dry and Wet Cycles of Membrane due to Load Fluctuation

Dry/wet cycle causes mechanical deterioration of electrolyte membranes. The internal states of a full-scale cell were simulated under loading cycles, which imitate actual operating conditions. The distributions of current density, water content, and temperature in a membrane are shown in the right-hand-side figures. A large difference was observed in the water content between channels and ribs (see horizontal stripes in the distributions). High-temperature areas appear in both sides of the coolant outlet at T = t3, and the water content decreases in these areas because of the temperature. As indicated in the example, P-Stack can estimate the area where the dry/wet cycle intensively occurs and predict the area where mechanical deterioration is likely to occur.



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Example 2: Effect of Load Fluctuation on Full-Scale Cell

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