Our Business

Resolving issues for customers and society through specialized consulting and advanced IT.

Social Security

With a long-term perspective and the analytical skills to understand the times, we help Japanese society cope with challenging issues in the field of social security such as the low birthrate, aging population and changing workforce.

Policy Planning Support

  • Welfare Policy Planning
  • Nursing Care Policy Planning
  • Labor and Employment Policy Planning

Business Promotion Support

  • Long-Term Care Insurance Business
  • Employment Creation and Regional Promotion
  • Human Resource Development and Work

Health and Medical Treatment

We conduct research and analysis for medical policy, health care and prophylaxis. We also support the development of advanced medical technology including the overseas development of medical equipment and services.

Policy Planning Support

  • Medical Policy
  • Medical Industry Policy
  • Global Expansion of the Medical Industry

Business Promotion Support

  • Medical Expense Statistical Analysis
  • Health Care Fee Examination and Payment Operation
  • Data Health
  • Health Care Point Business Verification

R&D Support

  • Biomolecular Interaction and Drug Development
  • Genetic Analysis
  • Medical Image Processing
  • Radiation Diagnosis and Therapy Technology

Environment and Energy

We support policy planning and scheme establishment to realize a sustainable society. We also support the development of new energy technology.

Policy Planning Support

  • Climate Change and Global Warming Countermeasures
  • Circular Society Development
  • Energy Policy and Technology Development Promotion
  • Chemical Substance Management

R&D Support

  • Urban Environment Analysis
  • Energy System Safety Assessment
  • Fuel Cell and Battery Performance Analysis
  • Hydrogen Energy System Analysis

ICT, Science and Technology

We support the development of advanced technology that benefits industry and society. This includes support for strategic planning in the ICT and science fields, and R&D in the manufacturing, the civil engineering and material science fields

Policy Planning Support

  • ICT Industry Strategy Planning
  • ICT Utilization Strategy
  • Science and Industrial Technology Strategy Planning

Business Promotion Support

  • ICT Social Demonstration
  • IT Security Evaluation

R&D Support

  • Advanced Image Processing and Analysis Technology
  • Video and Audio Encoding Technology
  • Wireless Communication Technology
  • Disaster Prevention and Safety Analysis in Social Infrastructure
  • Design and Development in Manufacturing
  • Material Properties Analysis


We are responsible for Mizuho Group’s systems, support a stable financial infrastructure and provide safe and innovative services through a wealth of experience and advanced technology.

  • Domestic and International Banking Business
  • Market and Credit Risk Measurement and Management
  • Bill and Payment Collection
  • Cyber Security Measures

Business Management

Supporting your business. Creating future value with customers.

Business and IT Strategies

Anticipating changes in the business environment, we strongly support our customers' business by formulating strategies and developing plans based on the latest trends.

  • New Business Creation
  • Business Strategy Development
  • Digital Business Strategy Development
  • Innovation and Intellectual Property Strategy Development
  • Marketing Strategy Development
  • HR and Personnel Training Strategy Development
  • Organization and Business Reform
  • Healthcare Management
  • Information Systems Strategy Development and Implementation
  • System Implementation Planning
  • Cloud Strategy Planning and Execution
  • IT Project Promotion (PMO)

Core Business and Back Office

Through our vast business knowhow, and reliable technology developed within the Mizuho Group, we provide solutions that support the corporate activities of clients.

  • Accounting, Payment and Settlement Operations
  • Human Resource and Payroll Management
  • National ID Management
  • Workflow Management
  • Shared Service Promotion
  • Customer and Sales Management
  • Production Management and Production System Automatization

Risk Management

From the planning and operation of BCP to advanced security measures, we support efforts to properly address various types of risk.

  • Information Security Management
  • Cyber Security Measures
  • IT Governance Implementation and Improvement
  • Business Continuity Management

CSR and Environmental Management

We support business management that takes ESG (Environment, Society and Governance) into account for sustainable growth and improved corporate value over the medium to long term.

  • ESG Information Disclosure
  • CSR and Environmental Management Vision Development
  • Mid- and Long-Term Environmental Strategy Development
  • LCA, Scope 3 and Carbon Reduction Contribution Analysis
  • Energy Related Business
  • Chinese Environmental Business
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